*AnGeLiNa* (_beautiful1_) wrote,

Written by :angelina j tuberosa

The Angel cries every now and then
Her soft shell berries every sin
Given hope with beautiful words
She goes on believing there will someday
Bring new beginnings and finish with an end.

Moonless skies, her heart and mind glide
Fighting boundaries of wrong and right
If faith was so real, tonight wasn’t her night.

Down to the last droplets of tears
Water is shed to refill, the garden so destroyed
The disease overtakes
The memories feel almost fake
And he opens to door, only half way.

What is shown cannot be explained
Whether or not it was intended
Clinging onto every ounce of what might be

Water wind fire air
All so equally there
The devotion to keep the life alive
Rest’s on the knowledge of a soul
And the creation of artistic images
Which last and never seeming to go
I cannot resist you again

Words so fresh from such young love
Left wounded scars engraved
Yet the raindrops twirl as if today was her day
To recreate the masterpiece, which just yesterday was thrown away
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