*AnGeLiNa* (_beautiful1_) wrote,

Lets post. First off Only like 7 more weeks of highschool and I am finished. wow, I am glad that this year has turned out to be inspiring. I didnt even want to go back to school like 2 months ago. I was ready to drop out, and prayed I would just drop dead. I threatend my life, but now things are going really good. I guess tonight hit me harder then most nights. I feel this disire inside of me to just run into his arms and last forever there. But that cannot happen. I am not saying never, but now, healing just takes time. I learn alot each day I wake, I dont ever want to stop learning. I just want to detenate in education. I never felt so pleased before, learning is so massive! I am confussed, schooling seems a bit difficult when it comes to making a choice about college. (I also want to do great on my sat's this time) I did well, but I want a REALLY GREAT score.

"Dont sweat the small stuff; because it is only small stuff!"

Live and learn. You never die, even if you give up your still apart of the world. As a child or teenager, adult, whatever age, sometimes we can't seem to find our "place or reason" but where all here for something or another.

Something intresting I learned today. -- The reason it's so hard to let go of your first is because of the pain. It's a pain you experience that contradicts with birth pain. As females play a part in childhood to mother hood, in some way you connect through a resymbolence. Weird huh? Mr fiern is great and so very knowledge able.

Maybe I dont have one exact goal as of right now, but I know im ready to venture the world around me.
even if it isn't traveling through physical connection, reading and imagination can also lead you afar.
I want to understand so much more. With all my power. Maybe even live in college forever.
School is so special, teachers whom spend so many hours, with little patience for rude, children, just to help them grow.

I want something so bad. all I can do is prove it.

softball districts is coming up next week. I hope we do well, hang in there and go far beyound what we see coming. I want that state CHAMPION RING!

lacross makes me cry.
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