*AnGeLiNa* (_beautiful1_) wrote,

You see by just words I can feed in your head
take apart your heart
and feast on my savary bread.
treasures I take from innocent love
a beauty that can never end of
I lone during the night,
starved from the cobble of confussion
I highly doubt you relate
For my ethics are so unseen
You'd arive only three seconds to late.
Shut down the body
and run your hands through my disaster
cry for all I care, weap young chuld
For I am the most masterful of any master.
Angel so undivine,
Who Is I

Believe that you are free to his heart,
because mine rests with the demons
and awakes with jesus.
Pound your heart away in jealous refine
You are no care to mine.
Enfer the truth, I love no more
my cold blooded stone
has wilted
for my sakes of tranquillity
can only be immorality

Love is not my shame,
for it's out of thee head
shamless by disasters who once fed


btw- I dont love with my heart like before nor anywhere close to love at that

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