*AnGeLiNa* (_beautiful1_) wrote,

So I felt your love and it was like it never happened
and my spiders which once crawled across my skin died
My palms do not sweat
and my lips will never crave
at last my long love has faded away.
A pain I never thought so real
was only yet a sliver of one second
until I felt trapped in those eyes of green
Greed felt so imperfect
A hearts suddenly stoped
and the beats which spelled our names
Flew gently away with the stolen grave
I never knew so much wonder
untill I forgot the fame
My dearest whom I dont remember
how did I ever feel yet loved
when your voice only spoke the lies
of a far away dream, dead darken paradice.
I wrecked my nose in sweet white crystal
while my thoughts become dreadful
and tomorrow I never saw to come
until he asked for one more date
the sun-shine had been faith
and my boundaries let take the way
aboard I scream, come to join me,
I lock my hands with my own
and call it a night, selfishly alone.
Your a forgotten once love
who clears my head tonight,
when the silver slit of blood is drawn
I never see the dawn of light.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MINE^^^^ and copywrite.

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