*AnGeLiNa* (_beautiful1_) wrote,

Its funny sweety how your a low life peice of shit, doing nothing with your spare time, well Im sorry you're having fun by using drugs as an excape, rubbing apart of my what your wish was my heart away, but surly your only damaging my eye site from your pathetic writings. I could care less about most of my "old fellow aquaintances" haha. As of my life, Im proud being wealthy, high maintanced and classy. I go arround holding my head proud and high. Not beacause I think I'm better then some of you, well I actually know Im better then some of you.. I laugh at the way you burn to make me feel somewhat vacuous but appearantly your doing nothing to help yourself. Because im doing wonderful.


Softball is kicking ass! OMG I love being out there, competition is worth living for. When you make a great play, or even an error (which makes you so much more determined to get it next time and play harder) hahahaha! our last game today is at three. I had to be up at 6:10am this saturday morning.

These are my last few weeks at east bay, I wont miss the school, But surely I will miss my friends, and gosh, my softball family. This year has been a roller coster, but im so happy to have outcome of a A instead of an F-. Life is only so beautiful. Right now im looking forward to college at Ind. State Univ.
whoa! It's going to be the time of my life.

and if you and I are ment to be then the years will roll over, and let us be at the end.

But I wouldn't count on it, because im to "obnoxiously proud"

but no. I dont think im better then everyone.
I'm just glad how things are turning out.

point proven. I win.

BTW- lawyers make 254,000
I will be set for kids when im about 35.
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