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Hello All

I haven't updated in a very long time, but here are some things that have happened, not really in order though, because I don't remember the order...exactly:

I have spent every weekend since I last wrote in either Broxburn, Mid Clader, Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Blondie, Joni, Towny and I all got our hair cut (Towny has a mohawk ^_^)
I got tickets for T in the Park, so did most of my friends. The rest will get them soon.
Andrew got a new boyfriend, Paul.
Joni and I joined the pool club in Broxburn.
I've spent nearly all my wages for this month.
I wore shoes made out of carboard and plastic bags that Towny made me.
Blondie and I went to see Date Movie.
Blondie, Leigh and I met the Mighty Boosh in Glasgow...we were last and Noel kissed me ^_^
Then Blondie, Leigh, Mike and I met "Bob fossil" in a bar XD
I got Mighty Boosh tickets for the 24th of March.
I'm going to Ireland next week.
I'm going to Stirling today.
I got a text from Towny's friend Dave last night saying I was "so pretty I should be on a Christmas Card".
Towny is coming for dinner tonight.
I'm off work all this week /m/
But when I do go to work I get the bus with Ross.
Oh, and I met Ronnie Stuart last week. He's pretty sexy.

That's all I can think of right now..

It's 9am..
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You'll like this story...

A man in China kept 6 bears in a cage, cruelly extracting their bile for use as traditional medicine. "In practices decried by animal rights groups, bile is extracted through surgically implanted catheters in the bear's gall bladders, or by a "free-dripping" technique by which bile drips out through holes opened in the animals' abdomens."

What's the happy ending to this story, you ask?

The bears... ate the man.