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Media Quotes#1: Ancient Confuciust Wisdom Re: Capitalism

I am going to start a new thing on here now. RIGHT NOW. It is called "Media Quotes (That Are Worth Reading)" and it is where when I find something interesting, some but of quote that really strikes me that I think might strike you, I will put it up here.

The quotes might be somewhat long, and they will come from varied sources. They will come from whatever I happen to be reading at the moment: be that a college textbook, The Onion, a music magazine, the New York Times, boingboing, somethingawful, a novel, whatever. For this reason they will cover many subjects: religion, nature, philosophy, music, scenesters, science, movies, culture, sociology, technology- WHATNOT.

If you are not in the mood for some bit of culture, then skip it.

And I am not violating copyright law because this is for academic purposes: this is an experiment in the forum that in livejournal as part of my getting a journalism degree. Yes, that is it.

From: The Ways of Religion, Third Edition, Edited by Roger Eastman (C) 1999
Context: This is the chapter in Confucianism. This piece is from an old old text, around 250 BC or so, called The Book of Mencius, written about/by a dude named Mencius who was a Confuciust disciple type person and wise man. Back then kings asked wise men ans scholars for advice when they came around the palace.
"Mencius was recieved in audience by King Hui of Liang. The King said, 'Aged Sir! You have come, with no thought for so long a journey, to see me. You have...some teaching by which I might profit my state?'
Mencius replied, 'Why must your majesty use that word 'profit'? There is after all just Humanity and Justice, and nothing more. If your Majesty asks 'How can I profit my state?' your nobles will ask 'How can we profit our estates?' and knights and commoners will ask 'How can we profit ourselves?' All ranks in society would be competing for profits. Such would undermine the state."
(W.A.C.H Dobson, p.187)

See? Sounds like a hippie or a romantic, eh? Well this thinking has apparently been around since before Christ was born. And yeah, this guy was ignored then, too, by the Kings for being too Romantic. Hah! Same as it ever was! I love Romantics, despite all their failures.