_bazilisk_ (_bazilisk_) wrote,

'Performance' tonight: Fuck Rock Band, dude actually knows guitar

I'm going to sing 4 songs tonight at a small open mic in New Jersey.

I know it's a tiny event. And they're all covers, basically, the cute boy who I know is playing guitar and wanted to give me a chance to sing on stage. Because he's nice like that.

I am so excited and nervous right now that I could run my office's computers if given a dynamo to spin neurotically with my feet. Because I am not confident in the songs specifically and in me in general since I haven't sung on stage since I was 15. That was 8 years ago. Hah! This LJ's been around that long as well.

<3 Life is wonderful.

The playlist:
  1. Radiohead - Creep
  2. White Stripes - Apple Blossom
  3. Tears for Fears - Mad World
  4. Blondie - Heart of Glass
So apparently these all sound good on acoustic. He's already memorized them. I kinda half know the words to all but 1 - I got Apple Blossom down pat. Most scared of Heart of Glass, shit, it's hard to do that one without going flat.


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