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I will just have to ABDUCT HIM

So there's this guy I like. He lives in NJ, this is accessible to me via a commuter train that runs about once an hour but stops at 11 PM.

We almost met up this weekend but lots of shitty things happened. I think that God was maybe pissing on him for the whole weekend. We didn't get to meet up even though we had been talking on the phone every day for a week and we skyped twice and damn I want to meet up with him so very badly.

I don't let a little "reality" get in the way of what I want. So here goes.

He is negative, though, pessimistic - and bad at planning.

So I have to plan it all. But not tell him because he won't agree to it because now he thinks us meeting up is "destined" to not happen or something. But fate doesn't exist and destiny was invented by warlords who wanted their soldiers to die for them, so HERE IT IS and I am so excited.

1. I take the train out there immediately after work.
2. I call him on the phone while on the train/platform and warn him that I am about to steal him from his life and put him into my life for a night. Tell him to pack an overnight bag.
3. I don't own a car and have never had a license. There is a cab service in the town. I get a cab from the train station to his house.
4. I show up at his house and force him to come in the cab with me. If he refuses than I try to talk him into it in the meantime and call another cab. (I have a friend who lives in the area if worse comes to worse and I need to be rescued or something.)
5. If he comes along with me in that cab to the train to the city, ADVENTURE WILL BE HAD.
6. If he does not come along with me in that cab, at all, then I go home to the city and I never try to meet up with his pessimistic ass again. And I go to this party that my friend said was also happening Friday night and drink him out of my memory. And know for certain that we don't match up.

(Spontanaeity is fun god damn it. Being spontaneous is why I met him in the first place.)

7. And I don't tell him about this plan until Friday afternoon. \m/

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