March 24th, 2008

Got more metal fillings today.

Then thumbed around around my gums after feeling a 'dirt in mouth' feeling only to discover a good number of salt-grain-sized chunks of.


About 10 salt-grains worth (normal salt, not 'sea salt'.)
Floating around my mouth.

Call the dentist.

"We do our best to remove the chunks we find, but sometimes we miss some between the jawbone and the cheek. We don't always remove all of them."
"Aren't they toxic?"
"It's never been medically proven."

Butterbaskets! Poodles! Great flaming triscallions, mercury!

I don't even want to think about how many specks I swallowed in previous visits when I DIDN'T poke around my mouth with my finger afterwards! SHEESH! RINSE MY MOUTH OUT, DUMBASSES!!!! Is it really that complicated???

Hope I don't have severe liver damage or mental problems in these coming...oh...70 odd years of life.

I got metal ones because he said they lasted longer than the white ones, and that mine were too deep for the white ones (my cavities were HUGE.)

And now I worry. They are huge fillings. Will the teeth fall apart around them??? EEK!
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