March 12th, 2008

Police-state-a-commin'! (Why I'm scared.)

Here is a law that details how martial law will come into play in the event of a disaster. Here is some commentaryto help make sense of it.

Here is an executive order (pseudo-law, semi-law, half-law) that details how the armed forces are being privatized and power transferred to corporate, private contractors instead of the good-ol-fashioned army. Never thought I'd see the US military as a quaint ally...

Here is a law that makes it illegal to threaten political violence. Threaten. This is also known as the "anti thought-crime bill." This makes it illegal to joke about killing Bush, which my friends and I do all the time. I will never own a gun, I will never use explosives, but I say "I want to kill that bastard" all the time. That is illegal soon, and will be persecutable under not the regular court system but the same "court system" that terrorists are put through- since this is now called "domestic" or "home grown" terrorism.

Hasn't passed the Senate yet but it passed the House. Judging by the broad support in the House, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a law on the books.


Step 1: Make these all into law (3/4 of the way there already)
Step 2: Another terrorist attack happens.
Step 3: Martial law, hoorah! With no responsibility on the part of the private contractors to not shoot civilians because they are no longer "military-" so they don't have to follow things like the Geneva convention and US laws against murder.

I am PETRIFIED. The government has succesfully put fear into my heart. Congrats, guys.

How to react to this is the hard bit to decide. Should I stay or should I go? If I go there will be trouble (green cards) if I stay there will be double (BEING TORTURED OR SHOT FOR GOING OUT PAST CURFEW.) Holycrap.

It's happened before, why can't it happen again? We are not immune.

And wouldn't it be convenient if a terrorist attack happened after Obama was elected, but before he took office? Sort of like it was convenient for a terrorist attack to happen at a time when Bush and his office was already prepping the nation for a war- any war, they didn't care...sort of like he didn't react with shock when he was told the planes hit...sort of like the 9/11 commission found they were really really lame in their preparation for responding to all sorts of warning signs from Al Queda...

I wouldn't put it past the power-grubbing paranoid, unethical people in the white house.

Think about it.

Then, the hard part, decide what to do. "Kiss my ass goodbye?" I WOULD RATHER FUCKING NOT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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