March 5th, 2008

Locus Of Control: FIRST SUCCESSFUL DAY of many.

Today was amazing. Thank you, midterms, for shaking me out of the slacking off I was doing that was ruining my mood. A cycle, that snapped, just now.

Today I suffered for my throat was sore from singing too loud last night. I was tired for I was up way too late last night thinking about the amazing happy feelings. Am I allowed? Is this allowed?
Then I did a lot of homework.
Listened to Cloud Cult a lot, the four songs by them on my hard drive illegally.
Bought a concert ticket for Cloud Cult for April 18th, New York City. YES. APRIL WILL ROCK. Only one, but, ah, well.
Read a great fucking short story, 50-odd pages long, filled me with energy, Cory Doctorow is a fun read...
Took a nap, but not too long.
Worked on a comic, but not too much. Was social, but not too much. Used the internet, but not too much. The balance was perfect, because I knew I could stop slacking, because I knew I was better than that, because I knew I had control.

It's shown that people who are depressed often feel the hapless victim of circumstance. Those who are happy disagree. I disagreed today, and am very happy I did. Sociology teaches us otherwise, psychology, over thinking, teaches us otherwise, but no longer living like that is true makes me very happy.

Dessert, is a special, sometimes thing.
Didn't eat too much junk food, either. Since it's a special, sometimes thing.
Last night was dessert. Using the internet was dessert. Making the comic and being social and Cloud Cult and the story were both desserts.
My main meal was homework. I focused. Didn't do NYPIRG. Will do NYPIRG more after spring break, promise.

Friday is a dessert I look forward to with quiet, buzzing, lit-up LED firefly glow stick anticipation.

Now, shower, then, bed. Then wake up around 9, then, easy classes...
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