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Moments Lost in Time

Like Tears in Rain

19 April
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!!!, absolutely fabulous, aine, aires, akira, alt rock, amok vibes, ani difranco, anime, annie anxiety, annie bandez, apple, art, astrology, belle and sebastian, billie holiday, billy idol, bishounen, bjork, blondie, boston, brainwashed.com, bram stoker's dracula, brandtson, breath of fire, castlevania, cell phones, christopher rice, coffee, coil, cooler kids, csi, cybill, dancing, deep elm records, doodling, dragons, drama, drawing, electronica, emo, emo boys, emusic, faeries, fashion, final fantasy, friends, frou frou, gattaca, god lives underwater, goth, graphic design, grave of the fireflies, hard core, herbert list, indie, indie rock, invader zim, iori yagami, japanese language and culture, jewelery, kid 606, kimagure orange road, lavan firestorm, law and order, law and order ci, law and order svu, little annie, lords of acid, mac osx, madonna, margaret cho, marion zimmer bradley, marron glace, mercedes lackey, mists of avalon, monty python, moulin rouge, murder by death, music, naive, nazca, neia, neon genesis evangelion, nin, noise ratchet, non-conformity, online tests, operatica, outrightvt, ozzy osborne, paganism, painting, paul oakenfold, perfect blue, pet shop of horrors, philosophy, photography, placebo, poetry, poltergeist report, prose, queer as folk, queer issues, rainer maria, rammstein, rings, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, rufio, sailor moon, sex, sex and the city, singing, six feet under, skiing, sophie's world, sorceror hunters, ssx tricky, star wars, still naive, tenchi muyo, text messaging, the 80's, the beautiful mistake, the eagles, the juliana theory, the lindsay diaries, the matrix, the militia group, the ramones, the slayers, the used, the vagina monologues, thursday, trent reznor, vanyel ashkevron, vincent valentine, waterdown, white wolf, wicca, will and grace, witchcraft, writing, x, x/1999, yaoi