FITNESS Challenge 002

OK, so I couldn't find a great website (actually, I'm just too impatient to look around for more) but my friend had this great idea where we could use Google Docs so that everyone had access to the same file and could just edit their rows for themselves (see picture below.)


We can always add/subtract rows. If you do not want anyone to have your email address you can always send me your daily/weekly update and I'll enter for you. I figured I could just post the week's results to my blog so we can get motivated!

Someone came up with an AWESOME idea for the first month. We should try to log 30 miles in 30 days. I realize that February only has 28 so if you want to try for 28 in 28 that'd be cool, too.

I realize walking/jogging/running is not for everyone so if 28 sounds like a daunting task, just try to push yourself for at LEAST 10. I KNOW everyone can do it!

Someone also suggested a prize factor and since I know IM broke as are many other people, I was thinking maybe we could set it up like, however many miles you log for the month is that amount of money you're allowed to spend on yourself as a treat. So you can set a goal (like I REALLY want these cool shoes from Forever XXI that cost $22) and if you meet it, you get your prize.

IDK I need suggestions. This is fun guys! So let me know if you're DEFINITELY in so I can fix the excel file/link you all to the google doc.


FITNESS Challenge 001

Hello my ONTD babies! :)

I am so excited people got into my fitness challenge thread on FFAF.

I am currently researching the best and easiest site to create for the ONTD Fitness Challenge group because, I realize, although I have joined the Nike+ group/website not everyone wants to spend $60+ on a pedometer.

Give me the weekend to research and by Monday we should be able to join/log in and start tracking our miles!

I want all of us to have happy and healthy hearts this year! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN, ONTD!

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