Bad Girls + Jack (_badgirls) wrote,
Bad Girls + Jack

Panda Ann: This is the worst pain evers!!

Loren: You can do it panda ann!

Panda Ann: No, no I can't worst. pain. ever.

Loren: Exercise is a vital part of any healthy pregnancy, now get that leg up

Panda Ann: ughhhhhh there

Loren: Now, ten reps, up and down

Panda Ann: What a life!

Panda Ann: I never exercise because it seems useless to get into this position without the hope of an orgasm, or seven

Panda Ann: Unless you were know...

Loren: Now lets finish up with a big stretch

Panda Ann: ...Maybe just put it in me, i don't know, just a suggestion...

Loren: Stretch them as wide as you can, since you're new to exercise you may not do so well

Loren: But after a few more weeks, you'll be able to stretch your legs out really wid...

Loren: ....

Panda Ann: What?

Panda Ann: You know what? I do feel much better already

Loren: I knew you would, and with a little work

Loren: You can have a totally hot type 1 stoma

Panda Ann: The baby is talking to me...

Loren: Uh...Your baby talks to you?

Panda Ann: Of course! At first I thought it was the demon voices that guide me, but it's not telling me to burn down any churches

Loren: You know unborn babies aren't supposed to talk, right?

Panda Ann: Someone wants some candy corn!

To be continued

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