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Jack: I got a call from the label, I think we need to talk about it.

Panda Ann: Ooooh, did they like the idea of my naked body covered with millions of dollars of diamonds for the video?

Jack: you know? they did...but they don't think it's right

Panda Ann: Did you tell them about the coat made of the worlds most endangered animal and then lined with the 2nd most endangered?

Jack: ...they said you were...too...completely awesome for that

Panda Ann: Then they had to love me in a hyperbaric chamber absorbing the innocent souls of dead children while rubbing strawberries on my panda parts!

Jack: No, they didn't like that...

Panda Ann: JERKOFFASSHOLES! what did they want?

Jack: They signed a new artist and think the two of you should collaborate. Her name is Princess Champagne Millionaire...I think it's a good idea because if your album totally bombs which I am almost positive it will you can blame it on her.

Panda Ann: Hmmm. I like the way you think...Hmm...


Panda Ann: Well, You must be Princess Champagne Millionaire

Panda Ann: it's nice to finally meet you.

Princess Champagne Millionaire: Yo, you too, sup yo.

Panda Ann: Before I agree to anything I'd like to hear a sample of your work

Princess Champage Millionaire: Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.

Panda Ann: Hmmm...

Panda Ann: Thats tight. did you write that yourself?

Princess Champagne Millionaire: lol yeh


Panda Ann: I think she is totally and completely awesome.

Jack: Okay, that was not princess champagne millionaire it was Seraphine and that song was copacabana written by barry manilow not her
Panda Ann: Jack, I think I can tell the difference between a goth chick and a got chick dressed differently with slightly different hair. also? there is no such person as barry manilow.

Jack: Oy vey...

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