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Hi bitches.

I'll give you a moment to adjust to the shock of me actually posting.

Are you done?

Good. If not get a hold of yourself.

A few months ago, my webhost decided to be a cockslut and close down. I transfered over my domain but remained oblivious to the fact that when I reuploaded my webspace, a lot of shit didn't get uploaded.

So tonight, feeling rather generous, I reuploaded my webspace, which should have restored the majority of the pic fics.

That's right. All the classics are back online. However, it is not all good news. I moved last August and all the dolls with the exception of my beloved Cody are still in the box I packed them in and I have no plans to do any more picfics, as the majority of retarded fans sucked the fun out of them long ago.

Yet, because I am so generous and attractive, I will answer your questions on the fate of the badgirls, since I admit I was kind of a cock and left off with a major cliffhanger that rivaled that of Models INC.

I've got a lot of cock to suck the next few days, so ask your questions carefully. If I don't answer your question it's because I hate you or I've already addressed it.

And Finally, thank you for the many months of wonderful comments. It had to end sometime.