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Два твиста, пожалуйста!

Вот одна из маленьких загадок в истории R&B.

В 1958-м году Hank Ballard & The Midnighters записали композицию The Twist, которую долго не хотели издавать звукозаписывающие компании, как B-сторону переиздания своего более раннего хита.

" ... Ballard attempted to take his 1958 composition "The Twist" to Vee-Jay, which declined to release the version they recorded; King, Federal's parent label, issued it as the B-side of the Midnighters' R&B comeback ballad hit "Teardrops on Your Letter" in 1959. Still, "The Twist" gained some notice and found a fan in American Bandstand host Dick Clark, who brought the song to Chubby Checker's attention; the rest was history, as "The Twist" became the first song to hit number one during two completely separate chart runs... "
И только в 1960-м, когда эту незамысловатую песенку исполнил Chubby Checker, она стала мегахитом!

" ... In 1960, however, he recorded "The Twist," a cover of a 1958 Hank Ballard & the Midnighters B-side; Checker's rendition de-emphasized the original's overtly sexual overtones, focusing instead on the song's happy-go-lucky charms. The single rocketed to number one during the autumn of 1960, remaining on the charts for four months; some time after it dropped off, it slowly returned to prominence, and in late 1961 it hit number one again; the only record ever to enjoy two stays at the top more than a year apart. After "The Twist" first made Checker a superstar, he returned to the top in 1961 with "Do the Pony"; that same year, he also reached the Top Ten with "Let's Twist Again," which assured the dance's passage from novelty to institution... "

А вот теперь давайте послушаем обе версии и подумаем, чего людям не хватило для полного счастья в первом варианте Hank Ballard'а и что такое они услышали в варианте Chubby Checker'а ?
Варианты ответов принимаются.


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