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My name is Irene. If you don't like it thats your problem. I'm in High School and I am a die heart Red Sox fan. I have a sister whos much older than me and who I don't see that often anymore. I have an obsession with celebrities Paris Hilton, her sister Nicky Hilton, && Nicole Richie. I love traveling and I've even been to all the continents. Almost every summer I take a trip somewhere with my friends and family. But most of all I love meeting new people! I am also a pretty social person:)

Yup I decided to make my journal FRiENDS 0NLY. I don’t like random people reading my entries so if you want to become my friend please just comment in my friends only entry I have and I'll most likely add you back. I won’t add you back unless you add me first however. So don’t add me unless you will be willing to comment on my entries at least once every week and if you like my interests (listed below). That’s about it babes.

– Abercrombie & Fitch; Hollister; American Eagle; shopping; going to the movies; talking on AIM; listening to music; cell phones; guys; swimming; ice skating; softball; tennis; my friends.

– Stealers; bitches; stalkers; racist people; people who TaLk LyKe DiiS; copy-cats. Those are the basics but I don't usually get upset easily. But when I do get upset I admit, I can be a total bitch so you probably don't want to do that;)

If you wanna show your love for me this is chance to do it. You can do it by making me a banner on the computer, writing me something on a piece of paper, taking a picture of yourself holding up a sign with a note to me, anything! Just be creative with it:) Please ONLY do this if you're a friend of mine. If you do decide to do it, send it to me on my screename on AIM, e-mail it to me, or just comment on my journal with it. The second I get it I'll be sure to put it up here for everyone to see!
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sexified_layout - I am the owner at this awesome community. Me and my friend Jackie started this community over a year ago and I am quite impressed at how much it has grown. At this community you get the opportunity to request the layout of your choice. Though we don't make pre-made layouts if you like a layout that was made for someone else you can have it as long as you ask. Currently we are nearing 400 members. You better check it out!:p
sexiixheaders__ - This fantastic community is owned by a LJ friend of mine named Shannon and I am a Mod/Maker in the community. There you can request the header of your choice along with which of the 5 makers you would like to make it. In addition, even if your not a maker you can post your very own graphics for other members to use. (Though you can't do requests if you're not a maker). Make sure you join today!

flavor_graphics - I post my graphics here
meangrls - I am a maker here

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