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18 February
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tell me you love me. tell me you miss me. tell me you want me.
excite me. dazzle me. delight me. bring me to my knees.
tell me there is no other woman in the world like me.

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fourteen; brazilian; adopted; straight; taken; in love;
open-minded; real; bitch when needed; nice once earned;
hated by many; loved by most; stand up for my opinions;
individual; stylish; crazy; loves to have fun; gives advice;
sings in the shower; loves to dance; music is my life;
procrastinator; insomniac; tolerant of most people;
understanding; easygoing; up for anything; spontaneous;

paris hilton; nicole richie; britney spears; lindsay lohan;
adriana lima; mary-kate & ashley; scarlett johansson; ciara;
nelly; usher; pharrel; kanye west; jay-z; chingy; lil jon;
petey pablo; mase; tupac; biggie smalls; ludacris;
fabolous; alicia keys; beyonce; joss stone; eminem;
sugarcult; taking back sunday; linkin park; something corporate;
the format; hawthorne heights; trapt; goo goo dolls; staind;
ellen degeneres; dave chapelle; michael ian black; hal sparks;
laguna beach; growing up gotti; real world; america's next top model;
life as we know it; degrassi; o'grady; daria; the oc;

i want comment whores; interesting journals;
must have some things in common with me; be atleast fourteen;
if you're easily offended dont add me; often i cuss, talk about sex, drinking, & drugs;
comment to be added; add me first; i'll probably add you back;

Alcohol Is Drunk Love

Paris the H E I R E S S is girlie l o v e

Adriana Lima Is Love

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