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I feel's like a weird cycle of me feeling blue & not wanting to be social & then feeling worse for being antisocial. Ho hum. Maybe I just need to work out more to drum up some positive energy.

Things I do that almost no one knows about

-read magazines backwards
-press my lips together really hard when I get nervous while driving
-buy mushrooms 10 at a time
-stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating
-chew ice cream
-calculate how many seconds are left in my workday
-make Ryan kill all spidery bugs
-eat ketchup on plain potato chips (but not ketchup flavoured chips)


After having tofu at Séamus & Jana's on the weekend, Ryan and I decided to try it this week.

I want to make it for dinner tonight, but I need some suggestions for your favourite tofu dish. I loved the black bean wraps with avocado. Any other ideas for something really really yummy?

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Having your office in a garage means two annoying things:

-no temperature control

A mosquito got into my office yesterday & I spent about 4.5 hours trying to kill it/get it out. Neither happened, but I now have a bite on my hand and 7 bites on my feet. They're so bloody itchy!! I have no self-control :'(
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I felt so junky last night. I had doubled up on plans because of the last minute-ish get together for Brendan & was still making myself get ready to go (hair done, clothes picked out) when my afternoon sore tummy turned into waves of nausea and the urge to go to sleep. Shauna called when I was shivering on the couch & I was still trying to convince myself that I could make it downtown for a highschool reunion and going away fun for Brendan. Ryan finally demanded that I stop stressing out about going out and just put my pjs on and get into bed. I sent out a couple of emails and then went to bed. I'm feeling so much better today, although I'm still getting a few gurgling moments from my stomach. It kind of feels like I'm hung over...without the fun of having any liquor in the past week. I don't think it was food poisoning--Pluto's is still a-okay in my eyes.

Today I have doubled up again...engagement party for Shana in Sidney at 4 and housewarming for Ross at 8. I'm frustrated that I'm still unpacking. I should probably get off the computer and have a shower.

Oh yeah--I got a single email this morning:

to me

Do not send me any of your advertising CRAP! I do not appreciate it. Don't you have better things to do with your time?????? P.S I dont want a response.

Looks like some spammer spoofed my email address (I guess they can put whatever they want in the "from" box). I love that she thinks I stay up long into the night sending out spam to poor, unsuspecting people!
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these dreams

I've been having really vivid dreams lately. I usually don't have the same dream more than once, but I've been plagued by this really intense one a couple of times over the past few weeks. It's set in my old apartment with Ross & it's in the final stressful days of moving out where it seemed like a never-ending stream of boxes and furniture and cleaning late into the night. We're still moving our stuff out, except the new people have already moved in & we have to sneak the rest of our stuff out when they aren't home. Of course I'm interested to see what they are like & am looking at their stuff while hurridly trying to get piles of my stuff out. They come in the door just as I go out & I hide behind the door & somehow make a break for it with an armload of boxes.

It's always the same feeling of pressure to get my stuff out of the old place & stressing that the new people will come home and find us still there.

I'm taking tomorrow off for my own sanity.


Ryan made me a sandwich for my lunch today :) I decided to have a few bites on my break and he stuck a little note on top of it.

Here is my best paint rendition of it

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:) Today is much better than yesterday!

Yesterday was a bad day

One thing that's great about my job is that when the power steering belt falls off my car (like it did yesterday) I can pop open the hood and stare uncomprehendingly into it & a mechanic will appear beside me and offer to fix it! Plus I can order parts from Lordco & get a good discount. Not that I have a great need for many auto parts, but if you do, I might be able to order them for you!

Yesterday my computer also died, so I won't have it for a few days as it's in the shop getting a new motherboard.

We're going to (hopefully) see another place today...the landlord keeps postponing our tour & I finally made Ryan call & use his "manly" voice to ask for a tour. We'll see!

Any thoughts on what I should give the mechanic who fixed my car? Cookies? Beer? A card to the marina coffee shop?

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Well, it's official. We went to the walk-in clinic yesterday & Ryan has pneumonia. Poor kid!

I bundled him home, set him up with drinks, drugs, and video games & left to go meet Shauna at the SOFA for the Barenaked Ladies show she invited me to.

I didn't know what to expect, but the show was really entertaining. I grew up listening to them (my dad loves them) & they played quite a few old songs & (seemingly) ad libbed a lot. I liked their sarcastic humour & high energy. They spoofed OK GO near the end of the show, which was crazy & hilarious. We agreed one of the lead singers was hot in an "older guy" kind of way.

I didn't like the squishy & uncomfortable seats. Or that they did like 4 encores & we couldn't get out of our row. Shauna had to be up really early, so I felt bad. We should have just been rude & squished our way past, but I also had visions of falling down the stairs in the dark after being blinded by a flashing spotlight. It happens to me more than I like to admit.

We're supposed to look at one more place today, but I can't drag Ry with me. Anyone want to come look at it around 4?
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