Sara (_azraelle_) wrote,


Instead of waking up and going to yoga, I opened one eye, grabbed by phone and checked my email. Sarah had bailed on yoga, so I promptly did too, fluffed up my pillow and went back to sleep until quarter after ten. We made breakfast and decided to go on a bike ride. We rode downtown and then onto the Goose. We rode out to the Lochside trail and then to Ryan's elementary school. He showed me around and then we dropped by his parents' house. His mom fed us cookies and we shared the good news about how much wedding stuff we got done last week. Then we hopped back on our bikes and rode home. My legs are going to be sore tomorrow! At least I'll be able to fall asleep easily tonight. I was thinking about breaking out the barbecue to grill some leftover ribs. I wonder if that will happen, or if I'll just stay on the couch watching the Wedding Planner. Oh yes!

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