I have been having a lot of random thoughts lately - thinking about my mom and memories, thinking about writing, thinking about the future.  I don't want to commit to another 365, but I do want to commit to write more and this is a small way to start.

On my mind right now...

What are snickerdoodles and why do people love them so much at Christmas?  I think I have eaten one or two as an adult. I feel like they should be chocolatey like snickers!

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I feel bummed out about stuff...about the state of some of my friendships. I guess I can't be a superstar at everything, but I feel like there are so many things going on, I can only do a mediocre job at most things.


Still feel some lingering sore throat. Ryan and I did some house chores and then he went out to do a few work errands. We did our taxes together for the rest of the afternoon. He owed pretty much what I got back in a refund, so that's good? When he came home from errands he brought us a little ice cream blizzard treat and then offered me a back rub while we ate a late lunch. So sweet!

He just took off to go watch the hockey game, so I'm doing various procrastinatey things: uploading our cds into iTunes, sewing projects, laundry, researching photographers. Sarah just called and is coming to hang out with me, with the caveat that we MUST make brownies. Good puttering day.


Not much to say. Stayed home from work on the couch watching tv and the rest of Being Erica (the last season, wich I pretty much hadn't seen). WTF is with Ethan and his wet blanket syndrome...gah! Standing up feels awful, but I think I'll probably try to go to work tomorrow. There is way too much work to do. Ryan has been really busy with work this week. I miss him!


Instead of waking up and going to yoga, I opened one eye, grabbed by phone and checked my email. Sarah had bailed on yoga, so I promptly did too, fluffed up my pillow and went back to sleep until quarter after ten. We made breakfast and decided to go on a bike ride. We rode downtown and then onto the Goose. We rode out to the Lochside trail and then to Ryan's elementary school. He showed me around and then we dropped by his parents' house. His mom fed us cookies and we shared the good news about how much wedding stuff we got done last week. Then we hopped back on our bikes and rode home. My legs are going to be sore tomorrow! At least I'll be able to fall asleep easily tonight. I was thinking about breaking out the barbecue to grill some leftover ribs. I wonder if that will happen, or if I'll just stay on the couch watching the Wedding Planner. Oh yes!


I bought my wedding dress today!!!

I had a terrible sleep last night. I read Island Bride before bed and was worrying about a non open bar (which they say is "always tacky" :'|). I dreamed about driving the Yaris (even though I don't know how in real life, I often dream about my version of stick shift driving, which is usually wildly out of control). I turned the car on and promptly rear ended and then drove right over Nathan S's fancy car. Once I parked the car, I couldn't figure out how to lock it because I was more concerned with picking up buttons off the ground for Ryan (he collects them).

I prepped slow cooker Lumberjack Ribs for the girls night tonight at Adriana's, then Jana, Seamus and I went to the gym. My mom really wanted me to check out this "Grad Central" place in Oak Bay that had off the rack wedding dresses for 50% off, so Jana and I took a little trip to Oak Bay (exciting!). I really liked one dress, but after discussing with Mom, we agreed it made me look like the hulk from behind. So I impromptu decided to go back to Luz and buy the one I liked earlier this week. Jana whipped over and picked up Sarah and they made it back in time to see me in the dress before we got ushered out the door. I'm lucky to have lovely bridesmaids!

Ryan's going to get a haircut and look at titanium rings at Mayfair once he drops me off for some time with some of my favourite gals (and a baby--she's growing on me).


Jana and I had long talks about my feelings about birth/babies today. I investigated wedding rings online and poked around trying to find a local officiant that looks good. How do people choose these things? Went to the gym with Jana, then came home and did laundry. Made steak and veggie sandwiches for dinner and then went to coffee with Shauna and Jana. My tummy keeps periodically filling up with bloat >:o

Ryan asked me how I would feel about moving to Paris for his work. Going to bed to find out more details.


Got woken up by Ryan's dad calling to ask us to bring a Globe and Mail to breakfast this morning. Went to his family's place for Easter brunch (dutch pancakes). His mom got us chocolate bunnies. Then we came home and we talked about the wedding. I cried a bit (the usual), but then Ryan called a venue site that seems promising (knock on wood!!!). We're going to have a date and visit it on Tuesday. Also talked to Ross. We might hang out after the Monday Easter brunch. Tummy still upset.

Part 2:
Made chicken cordon bleus, mixed baby romaine with homemade honey vinagrette, spaghetti squash and garlic bread for dinner. Now we're having grapes with Ryan's martinis while watching It's Complicated. So happy :)


I hate my camera so much...I hate how it takes shite photos and doesn't charge the batteries like it's supposed to. I hate how it eats through normal batteries after 6 photos. I wish I could afford a new one.


Have some common courtesy, people! Just because I am stuck answering the phone, doesn't mean you get to be rude to me. Some guy just hung up on me because my boss never gave me an answer to his question...what am I supposed to do?! I just hate rude people so much.