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Forget about the pain and warmth of this place

Kimberly A. Iwanski/Harley Harlequinade
16 October

Name|Kimi (美嘉)
Birthday|October 16
Height|152 cm
Passion|Music & Design
Style|Vintage Glamour

ancient civilizations, animals, anime, anna sui, anne rice, anthropology, antiquarian books, art, asia carrera, astronomy, baking, bands, books, britan, british comedy, burberry, cappucchino, cars, cartoons, cging, chanel, christian dior, coffee, collecting things, comedy, comics, concerts, cookie dough, cosplay, couture, d'espairsray, dali, david bowie, design, designer fashion, different languages, dim sum, dir en grey, dolls, drawing, dystopian fiction, fashion, food, foreign films, gazette, george orwell, glam, good movies, green tea, guitar, haute couture, hellsing, high fashion, history, hong kong movies, horror books, horror business, horror movies, industrial music, intellectuals, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese, japanese culture, jazz guitars, jean-paul gaultier, kaoru, karaoke, kitty dictators, kogepan, korea, korean, korean culture, kuwaita keisuke/southern allstars, languages, leather, literature, london, making punk shit, manga, metal, mind fuck, monet, monty python, movies, music, mythology, nana, nicotine, nine inch nails, nirvana, noodles, online games, pierrot, pies, pretty things, punk, punk fashion, quentin tarantino, radiohead, ray bradbury, rehearsals, rock, sarcasm, seoul, sex, sex machineguns, sex pistols, shiina ringo, silver, singing, smashing pumpkins, snow flowers, soccer, soundgarden, spitz, tattoos, tekken, the 70's, the clash, the cure, the fuccons, the ring, the simpsons, tim burton, tokyo, tool, toshiya, travel, vampires, van gogh, video games, vintage guitars, vivienne westwood, x japan, youjeen, 日本