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lol i finished?

 (uh, if you’re one of my lovely flisties who doesn’t watch Merlin, please please feel free to just scroll right past this! <3 )

(totally ignoring the part where I-don’t-post-fic-here, because, WHATEVER)


The War Is Over And We Are Beginning, 32.5k, PG-13

Modern day reincarnation fic. A second life – a second chance, if Merlin can find a way to make Arthur, Gwen and Morgana remember the first one. Featuring coffee shops, dinner parties, prophecies, and four people trying desperately to deal with the fallout from Camelot.

Author's notes:

Honestly, there is absolutely no way I would have got this finished without starry_laa , who alpha’d and beta’d and cheered and held my hand at all the stages in between, didn’t ever complain when I filled her inbox with my whining and/or panickings, read far too many drafts, and came up with so many fantastic ideas which tied the whole thing together. I do not understand why she hasn’t defriended me and blocked my emails/chats by now after the amount of times I flailed to her. SORRY. And thank you for being endlessly patient with me and offering such wonderful (CALMING) advice on so many occasions. I appreciate all the time you put into this so unbelievably much.

clevermonikerr  also helped beta this, and did an absolutely fantastic and much appreciated job. I threw it at them both with a ridiculously short amount of time, and they were both fabulous. There were so many times when I was on the verge of talking myself out of posting it, and one or both of them would offer some wonderful encouragement and calm me down again. They also unfailingly managed to compliment all the lines and phrases which I’d decided I hated and needed to scrap asap, which made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. I actually just want to squish you both, like, FOREVER. Thank you for making that gdoc such a delightful and giggly place to be! <333

anjali_organna  has also been an absolute lifesaver.  GIRL WE DID IT :D :D Thank you so much for indulging all of my flailing, and prodding me to write so many times! There were numerous days when knowing I’d have to tell you if I hadn’t written anything was pretty much the only thing that made me open that word doc, hahaha. And thank you so much for your feedback on a couple of things, and your honesty and encouragement and general all round loveliness!

aeternitasbeach  absolutely made my day when she offered to make me artwork even so close to the deadline, and was a delight to work with.  At the time of posting this, I’ve only seen a sneak preview of a little bit of it, but the part I have seen is so, so beautiful and I am still all a flail over it. I am beyond excited to see the rest of it!! :D Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement, and for all the time you put into this <3

FINALLY. Thank you all so, so much, wonderful flist. I appreciated all of the encouragement and kind words you lovelies offered so much <3 When I first signed up, with this vague idea about, “hey, maybe I’ll write an ot4 reincarnation fic! Because fandom needs more ot4 shenanegians. That’ll be easy, right?” I did not have ANY idea of any of the details of this, and, honestly, didn’t really expect that I’d ever actually finish. I AM STILL A LITTLE BIT SHOCKED THAT I HAVE.   But I did – most of the time! – really enjoy writing this, and I think I learned a lot (mainly along the lines of Things Phil Would Do Better Next Time, but whatever), and I never would have finished without all of your prodding and cheering, and endless thoughts on the title and summary (kepp0xy  and anjali_organna : YOU LADIES. Thank you for letting me realise I was not the only one freaking out, and for all of your intelligent and eloquent thoughts!). 

This all feels somewhat overly sentimental for 32k of fanfic, but WHATEVER, I AM RELIEVED TO HAVE IT DONE OKAY.

Annnd now you never have to hear me mention it again! :D *bounces!*

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