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She Just Wants To Love...

Forever and For Always...

Kristine Renae
6 January
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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

♥ About A Girl ♥

You just refuse to bend, so I'll keep bending 'til I break...

♥ Loves ♥

♥Love♥Steve♥the color pink♥music♥dancing♥thunderstorms♥rain♥driving around late at night with friends♥hugs♥kisses♥kisses in the rain♥kisses in the cold♥summer♥sandals♥Warped Tour♥my phone♥singing♥playing the piano♥playing the drums♥more music♥cars♥motorcycles♥trucks♥anything else with wheels!♥pirates♥scary movies♥action movies♥reading♥drawing♥friends♥Sleeping♥being a girl♥cuddling♥wrestling (even though I always lose)♥hanging out♥taking stupid pictures♥perfume. I love it lots!♥fuzzy sweaters♥more Steve♥and I love that I've got the best friends anybody could ever dream of.