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My Harry


Tiara and I are leavin'! See ya'll on Sunday <3<3 I won $50 yesterday off a $3 scratcher, so let's hope it's a peek into our Vegas luck, LOL! <3<3

Hope everyone had a safe and awesome new year! ^_____^
Éowyn Emotive

Interviews and such

LMAO, I saw 5 seconds of some stupid "thin celebrities" show on TV and they showed a clip of Dominic Monaghan that had me rolling. They were asking celebrities on the red carpet what they did to stay fit and they were all giving serious answers, then they showed Dom:

"Well I go about 9 weeks where I don't eat anything, then I do about 9 weeks at the gym. Then I just eat a lot of chocolate cake. I call it my '9 by 9 by chocolate cake' diet."

He was SO deadpan serious I was falling off the couch >D

Got back from the interview and I think it went well. I'm worried that maybe I tried too hard >.> But they seemed to agree/like a lot of my answers, so here's hoping! They asked those, "name your strengths/weaknesses" questions and I BLANKED on weaknesses. I was all, "it's not that I think I don't have weaknesses!" and they were really nice about it. I pulled a couple out of my ass, but the only thing that kept coming to mind was, "Fried foods and hamburgers. LOOK AT ME. OBVIOUSLY my weaknesses!" But I didn't think that'd be appropriate.

So, fingers crossed... They said they'll be letting people know by the end of the week... This is the first time I've ever left an interview without knowing whether I got the job... it's a little nerve-wracking!

Now, I can focus ooooon... VEGAS!!! Tiara <3<3 is taking me to Vegas this weekend for my birfdar!!! :D! We're gonna leave Thursday night and come home Sunday, and I'm SOOOOO excited and I've been DYING to go to Vegas!! *wiggles* We're gonna see a Cirque du Soliel show, gamble, have lots of sex, order room service, and have all-around fun ^_____^ Ugh, and it means MINI ROAD TRIP! I'm SO looking forward to stopping in Baker and eating at Mad Greek Cafe (OMG GYROS AND HUMMUS) and getting some of that alien jerky :D!

Ok, on that note, time to log my calories into calorie-count.com ^^U