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Conan String Dance

HAIR SPAM!! And Caplocks Spam.

Ok, I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with this short hair. I'm totally loving how I can toss it around and it falls like MODEL hair, UGH. <3 AND I curled it this morning for TEN MINUTES, all of it took TEN MINUTES, no hair spray, and it's still got a lot of curl. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER. My hair normally takes at least 40 mins to curl and the curl might last 5 hours with hairspray.


My excitement has resulted in more pic spam. Of my hair. Because I'm a ho and my laptop has a built in camera.

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OK. ok. I'm done. I think it's out of my system. I need a hair icon.
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Awesome End to An Awesome Day

The day didn't begin so great, what with an earthquake waking me up at 4am and keeping me up for an hour. But I went today for a hair trim and color. The ends of my hair were SO DEAD, and I finally decided to take the plunge and do my first permanent color.

A trim turned into a cut... and the color is fantastic!

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Man, my girlfriend is such a scene stealer! But yeah, I haven't had it THIS short since I was about 14 D:!!! Rigth now I'm enjoying how HEALTHY and LIGHT it feels. The last 5 inches were nothing but split ends upon split ends. It was like combing through hay. I'm sure in a week I'm gonna be crying about how short it is, but right now I feel bouncy! I might even put me on some make-up tomorrow!!

To top it all off, I get to bring home a bunch of awards from nextgen_awards!!

(which isn't saying much since it was only between me and Dray -- but I'll take it!)

So that's super super exciting!! Thanks for voting for me!! I hope I can continue to improve and deliver awesome artz :D
My Harry

Fandom Fun, Real Life Stuff, And A Poll!

So snarkyscorp began reading off prompts to me for nextgendarkfest and an unlikely paring grabbed my attention. I normally don't like fests because my art muse is very picky and I like having control over what I draw, but picking a prompt out of hundreds? What a splendid idea!! I loved the idea so much that I sketched it.... and have the piece half-done in photoshop! I'm going to have to be ON TOP of prompt-claiming on Wednesday! D: I'm soooo excited about this piece and am really happy with how it turned out!! On the one hand I'm like, "omg! It's a fest and I'm already half done with my piece with months to go! Yay!!" and on the other hand I'm like, "I have to wait until JUNE to post this!? sonofabitch..." So I might have to peruse more prompts and see if anything else grabs me <3

Last weekend nolagal came by and spent a couple nights with snarkyscorp and I. We took her to Disneyland and had loads of fun and, randomly, I think there was some sort of Harry Potter meet-up going on that day, because we saw people in assorted movie merchandise (myself and Nolagal included), a woman reading Half-Blood Prince on a bench, and there were two boys (grown, like 17-19 year old) walking around in Hogwarts uniforms -- ties haphazardly thrown about their necks, sweaters with the sleeves rolled up. I wanted to ravage them and fangirl all over them. Oh lord. We had awesome times, and if any of you ever happen upon the chance to meet or hang out with nolagal, you should certainly jump at the offer because she is just ridiculous amounts of WIN!! She's soooo nice, laid-back, has some awesome stories and we adore her. Just don't feed her any mushrooms. <3

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In other fandom-meets-real life news... So bryoneybrynn wants everyone to come out to her place this summer for an awesome fandom shindig (you can consult Seth Green over whether you feel it's a gathering, shindig, or hootenanny.) Me and Snarky wanna go SOBAD, but one of my best friends has also presented us with the prospect of a two-week trip to the British Isles next April (!!!!!). I went to Germany/Italy in 2003 and I've always known I'd go back to Europe, and when my best friend started talking about it this voice in my head said, "why not now? what are you waiting for?" I can make enough in bonuses to have Tiara and I paid for and... I wanna go!! This, though, has cast a shadow over the bryoneybrynn Shindig Spectacular, with tickets costing about $500 a pop for us to get to Canada. Then today Tiara tells me Bry wants to do it on August 11th... the 13th is my b-day! *throws a royal fit* I want a Canadian HP Bash for my b-day!!!

Which leads me to a poll... about commissions. I'm having serious talks with my art muse about how fickle and demanding she is, and she thinks she can open herself up to commissions... but I have no clue if anyone would even be remotely interested.

Poll #1535298 Aurora Sky Commission Interest Poll

First off, would you be interested in commissions from me?

Not really.
Depends on the price...

If you're interested, would you be willing to pay $20 - $40 for a full-color piece?

Sure! That seems fair
That actually seems a bit low...
In this economy? That range is kinda high.
I'll explain my thoughts on pricing in a comment below.

What kind of art would you be most interested in commissioning? (check all that apply)

Harry Potter Art
HP Next Gen-Era Art
Maurader-Era Art
Original Characters
Non-HP Related Fandoms
Personal art (myself, friends, family)
Other that I'll explain in a comment

Would you be interest in simple, cheaper pieces that are just line arts/ busts/ sketches?

Not really.
Any examples?

And for fun... what should I be drawing more of in general???

Oh, gimme some AS/S >D
The Next Gen Kids!
actually like your Harry/Scorp stuff...
I was looking for some vegetable still lifes, actually, and instead found Harry Potter porn. Wtf. You need therapy.
HP Femmeslash, NOMS.
I will TELL YOU what to draw in a comment! >;P

Thank you to anyone who takes the poll!!! :D!!

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Big Thank Yous, Weight, And Rings

So, my f-list has been awesome and I need to count the ways :)

First off, nolagal wrote on of her advent drabbles based on my Lily/Scamander Twins art!!! I dunno HOW she managed to get it so HOT AND STEAMY in 100 words, but this is why I do the drawing and leave much more talented people to the written PR0NZ. Thank you, Nolagal!!! Go read it here!!

And speaking of Nolagal, I had a HUGE amount of random LOLz last night because... I purposefully sat down at my computer to look up movie times at fandango.com. I went to type in "fandango.com" in the address bar, hit return, and realized I had typed in "nolagal.com" - LMFAO!!! Because THAT looks JUST LIKE "fandango" *face.palm* Randomly, though, there is a website! So, Nolagal, I must have you stuck in my subconscious ;) <3

Now, more thanks to the wonderful people who sent me snowflakes!! They were sooo purdy in my ickle profile :D So thank you lordes, nolagal, tray_la_la, brissygirl, pink_mint, And nuclearsugars!


Also, hellooooo to all the new people that have friended me!!! I'm officially over 100 friends and, not to sound too much like Slughorn collecting students, but this makes me have huge squee and is humbling <3

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In other news... we got rings #^_________^#!!

They're more like commitment rings at this point. We'll get our dream rings whenever we have a ceremony <3 But they were on sale and we got them from an LGBT site that donates part of the purchase to Lamba Legal, so s'all good ^^
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Worldcup, Work-Outs, Work Place, And Other Bits

I haven't been around the LJ-mill lately, but what began as "I wanna read laerwen's LJ" ended up being, "ohwaow, lookie my flistie" and then, "I must comment in the world!"

First off, MY HD_WORLD CUP ART POSTED!!!!! The feedback has been so wonderful thus far, and I intend on responding to every single one, because they fill me with squee. ^_^ The general idea behind the piece is first, how Harry and Draco hurt one another emotionally, then, physically, then how they come to mend the wounds inflicted between them until they come together <3 And lemme just say, this thing would NOT have been submitted in time if not for Tiara. I mean, srsly, she weathered my crazed storm and really helped me in those last few hours, so she is so much win.

If you'd like to view the bigger version (that i prefer), you can check it out below:

That said, I've also been collab-ing art-wise with the lovely, beautiful, and talented bryoneybrynn and can only hope that I'm doing her wonderful writing justice <3 I'm trying to draw a bit more mature to match the tone of her writing <3

Work is going well. I think I'm about to be eligible for an incentive/bonus program, so the prospect of extra money is VERY exciting. I just hope it's a decent amount!

In the weight-loss world... I think I'm mentally back on track. Earlier this year it was more of a "I SHOULD be doing this" rather than a "I NEED to be doing this" mentality. I'm not 100% there, but I'm much more motivated. We've been eating out WAY too much and we're all tired of feeling like crap, so now the fridge is filled with veggies and fruit and tofu and good stuff! Now, my BIG obstacle has been exercise, as in, no me gusta. But today Tiara and I bought the Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Yoga DVDs (shutup we really like Biggest Loser, or "Biggest Fatty" as we call it around here. We try not to take ourselves too seriously ;) ) and we both did the beginning level of boot camp and it kicked. our. BUTTS. It was a GREAT workout! It was a good mix of cardio and strength training and HOW MUCH DO I LOVE BOB??? :D! I'm actually looking forward to doing it again and am looking forward to doing the weight loss Yoga tomorrow. Yes. Me. I'm LOOKING FORWARD TO EXERCISE. Wow. Is there any way to bottle this feeling? I also read an article today that basically said combinations of fat and sugar release dopamine in your brain that, essentially, is like a druggie looking for a fix. Cravings = addiction. ACK. And when I saw pics of cookies and fries today I SWEAR I felt the dopamine release and my brain jonesing for a fix. It's insane when you realize what's happening. Kinda scary, too. I don't smoke, never done any drugs, hardly drink, and yet I'm not free from a life-threatening addiction -- it's just that the food industry would never ever EVER want me to think of it as an addiction like smoking or heroine. It's a good kick in the pants, and nice to think that when I feel that whole jonesing for crap food thing going on, I KNOW it's my brain working against me, so I can control that.

The fact that I'm actually awake right now is a testament to good food + exercise, I think. The past few weeks I've been crawling into bed by 10pm. On Tuesday I was passed out around 9. I'm gonna wait a couple weeks before I get into heavy calorie counting and scales. Right now the focus is really to get exercise in and portion control. I'm also taking lunch to work; I figured I spent $85 on lunches last month. $85!! I could really use that toward other things. Like not food.

In the world of hypochondria, panic attacks about cancer have subsided, but worry is definitely still there. I called the gay-friendly woman's hospital and the little lesbian that I spoke to was SO EFFING NICE. ;_; I ended up calling back today (a week later) because i realized my original appointment landed right in the middle of where my period should be, so not a good time for Mr. Speculum. New appointment is May 5th. I'm actually fairly non-freaking out about the whole thing. I mean, yeah, I know it's gonna be uncomfortable but I'm more worried about not being able to relax my muscles (it's kinda hard for me not to have a Vice Clamp of Doom down there. anyone have any good relaxation tips?) than having another person going excavating down there. It's a WOMAN'S clinic and not only do these women doctors have their own vaginas, but they look at vaginas all day. And I'm almost looking forward to talking about myself with a doctor. Yes. Hypochondriac. I r has it.

What else... New Tori Amos album coming out!!! :D!!! EXCITEMENT!!!! I enjoyed American Girl Posse <3

Ok, it's midnight and it's a school night. Time for sleep. G'nite ya'll!
Gandalf Dumble and the Force

Dis, Dat, and Duh Udda Ting.

Hey all!

First of all, happy late birthday, Cam! *huuuugs* I hope you had your cake and ate it, too XD /lame

So this weekend has been interesting. Friday I had one of those all-day allergy attacks that had me in sneezing fits and shoving kleenex up my nose. Nice visual, right? It's been wonderful and rainy all weekend -- but it's been bitter sweet. Because Deana's (our roommate) room has been leaking. And when I say leaking, I mean buckets of water. For some reason her window is spewing water into her room whenever the rain starts to downpour. I think it's because the window frame itself isn't properly draining the water that collects in the frame (the window slides open from side to side, so it rests inside a U-shaped frame. The window slides on the INSIDE, leaving a quarter inch gap of frame on the OUTSIDE that can easily collect water), and when it downpours it can't drain the water fast enough, so it pours inside the house. On Friday night Deana started shouting and when I got up to her room a sheet of water -- literally, it looked like a wall fountain, I'm so not exaggerating -- was pouring from the window and into her room. We've had towels there all weekend and, this time, were managing to keep the carpet from getting anything more than just damp, but we have to keep changing the towels. Last night it started coming down AGAIN around 4:30 am and Deana said the towels were soaked within minutes. We can't, like, put down anything to catch the water because it cascades down the wall at about 1.5 feet wide.

Deana's been talking with our landlady, and she says it's the HOAs fault and THEY need to come and fix it. What *I* think is going to happen is the HOA is going to come in and see that the lock is broken on that window and say THAT'S why it's leaking and that they're not doing anything until we can say the window is still leaking DESPITE the lock. (luckily, we have it in on our move in inspection that the lock was broken when we moved in, so she can't try and plant that on us. I honestly don't trust her not to make us pay to fix up her house when we leave and say it's all our fault...) And then it'll be a problem because *gasp!* Joani is going to have to pay to get the lock fixed.

It needs to get fixed though. Technically it's illegal for her to rent to us knowing there aren't locks on the windows. I just HATE having people in the house. And If I get my job I can't be here.

And speaking of the job... They called Tiara for a reference, but I have no idea if they called the people the REALLY need to talk to for references. *sigh* I'm so afraid I'm gonna loose this job because of my references. Prepare for Emotionally Broken!Adriann if I don't get this job.

In other news we saw He's Just Not That In To You this weekend and it was very cute. It definitely reaffirmed my lesbian nature when Scarlett Johanssen was being practically thrown across a desk, breasts and ass looking DEVINE. If I were a guy, the crotch in my pants would've been tight, that's all I'm saying XD Seriously though, I LOVE HER BODY. She's not too skinny and has a full chest and hips and just a hint of a feminine tummy. NGH. I want her body, both in my bed and... with my head on it. That's a bit odd. Although while drying Rain!Towels! this weekend I caught a glimpse of my ass in the mirror... and and... it's not a thass!!! It's definitely been a "thass" for a while -- you know, where thigh and ass are like one being instead of two separate entities -- but the Pilates is doing it's job and my butt looked good and damn near perky! I grabbed my own ass, then went and did some Pilates, LOL! Im starting to have fantasies of going to the beach this summer and looking CUTE. When I think of my weight loss in terms of pounds, it's far less daunting than when I think of it in terms of dress size. Like, thinking I wanna drop a dress size sounds impossible, but thinking about seeing a 160 on the scale seems like it's brushing my finger tips.

I bought myself some new GOOD shampoo last night and decided to look up Shit I Can Do With Long-Ass Hair. Basically, every other week I'm convinced I need to chop it all off, but really I just need to STYLE it. I could have long hair and make it look AWESOME, I just don't. Then, my dear Scarlett in the movie we watched demonstrated how long can can be so sexy and she had that sexy, wavy, tousled, beachy look. Last night I decided I wanted to try for that look, so at, like, 2am I was putting product in my hair and curling it up to try and achieve said look. Collapse ) That said, at least it has SOME kind of body to it @_@ I think what I wanna do is cut it to just above my waist and then add in a couple of layers on the top so I can curl or tousle it. I also want long side bangs. Also, this week, I think I'm gonna soak it in olive oil. It's really damaged and has no shine and I've just stopped caring about it, but I was reading about using olive oil as a sort of hot oil treatment and I wanna give it a try. Any one done this? Some sites say to add a beaten egg to the olive oil... I don't wanna go to the roots, really, I don't even condition my scalp, but from the nape of the neck, down...

This was a ridiculously random post. I need to go grab some lunch.
Dumbledore OMG!

UGH. I shouldn't get my hopes up...

Hello S!

I came in a few weeks ago and interviewed with yourself, Adrian, Brian, and the general manager and have yet to hear whether your company has come to a decision on an applicant. I'm hoping you're still sifting through the dozens of applicants I'm sure you've encountered!

Either way, I would love to know the status of this position, whether filled or not.

Thank you for your time!


Hi A,
Due to some traveling we have had to do over the past two weeks we have not yet come to a decision and you are definitely still a candidate for the position. We will let you know as soon as a decision is made.

Thank you,


THIS MEANS I STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!!!! I'd pretty much given up and was looking through craigslist and going to see if Borders was hiring. ;_____;

In case I haven't already said it a zillion times, I WANT THIS JOB SOOOOOO EFFING BAD. It's SO fecking perfect and and and SHIT it's just... GAH I WANT IT.

Tomorrow at about 5:30pm is officially my one year anniversary of being fired. This day last year, I had money in the bank, a well-paying job, a new place I'd moved into only the day before... life was good. I can't believe it's been a year. This has been the most -- ....wtf... something just scuttled across my roof. Here I am trying to be profound and deep and suddenly I hear something scuttling above me *looks up at vaulted ceilings* Maybe it was a squirrel. Yes, that makes sense. If it's the skunk I hope he falls off the roof and -- OK, Now there's alien sqwaking outside. Skunk v. Squirrel? Skunk v. Moose and Squirrel?

That reminds me, I TOTALLY dreamed last night that they were making a live action Jem and the Holograms, only Jem was black and vaguely resembled Storm from X-Men. They should totally make this movie for realz, yo.

Going back to being profound... nothing came out of this last year. Ok, one thing did: ass_carnival. And why was that important? I got me drawing again after a VERY long hiatus. It also got Tiara writing and involved in fandom. ^^

Ok, I leave you with another henna pic...
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So now it wraps around my hand. <3
My Harry

Law of Gravity

I've been a bit absent lately. I feel myself kinda pulling away from LJ -- and not for any reason in particular. I have art and things I need to be doing but no real push to do them. I've been focusing a lot on diet and exercise -- today I broke the 170 mark, which means I'm doing SOMETHING right ;)

This past weekend we went and saw Slumdog Millionaire -- it was REALLY good and made me very sad about caste systems :( But older!Jamal (Dev Patel?) is absolutely ADORABLE. <3 I downloaded a couple of the songs from the soundtrack and, once again, I want good Indian music. I love that kind of... quintessential sexy-beat, heavy-drums, epic Bollywood dance scene Indian music ^^U The problem is I'm unsure where to look, so if anyone has any recs, I'd LURVE them (I was particularly fond of Ringa Ringa from the Slumdog soundtrack). I have a developing obsession with Indian culture and wanna learn so much more. I dreamt the other night that I was wearing a sari, LOL! Plus, I mean srsly, Indian women are GORGEOUS. *_*

Maybe I'll do some henna tonight.

We also went to Disneyland and checked out all the new stuff they're gonna be doing to California Adventure. Holy CRAP they're practically redoing it. I honestly don't know how they're gonna do some of the stuff they wanna do and keep the park open, but we'll see. California Adventure was made of SO MUCH FAIL when it first opened. I blame Eisner. My biggest complaint was that they totally misused the space -- just, a lot of wasted space. Looks like they're gonna remedy that to an extent, so hopefully it'll be much cooler. The new ride, Toy Story Midway Mania is a LOT of fun, so hopefully they'll follow in that vein <3

In Crazy Family News, my crazy uncle totaled "his" (ie. my grandma's ) car because someone was going "too slow" in a construction zone. The cop could tell that he's off and they gave him an alcohol and drug test. Unfortunately, he passed (to our surprise). It's also unfortunate that he didn't end up in the hospital, because perhaps someone would've seen that he's a dangerous drugged-out crazy person and he could finally be forced to get help. My grandma is going to have to pay for everything, of course, because my uncle is 45 years old and has never had to take care of anything in his life and had a job for about 2 months maybe 15 or 20 years ago. While I feel bad for my grandma, my mother and I want so badly to say, "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET". She enables him completely, has never once tried to get him help, and has done him no favors by paying his way through life. My mom continually asks her, "what do you think is going to happen to him when you're gone??" because my mom sure as hell won't take him in.

I can tell you exactly what'll happen to him when she's gone: he will be homeless and he will bang on my mom's door everyday for money and I wouldn't put it past him to steal their cars, deface them, or try and poison the dogs when my mom tells him to fuck off. He hates my mother because she, y'know, has a life.

I could go on and on and on. I'll stop there.

Still no effing word from the effing job that I had 5 gazillion interviews for. And then I see an article today saying California is out of unemployment money. That's really fucking great. They got a government loan but, jkdnq;kwjebkj. I've been having dream after dream that I've gone back to work at the movie theater I was so happy to leave. Fuck.
F&amp;G Ooo?

Drugs, Sex, and Rock N Roll

It's been quite a nice weekend <3 The club on Friday night was fun. I ended up doing a couple shots to get me out and dancing but I didn't go overboard or anything. It was 21+ night, and normally we go on 18+ nights because of the drag shows, so it was quite a different crowd -- and fewer people. I prefer the dance floor to be crowded body-to-body, so I was a bit self conscious. The Buttery Nipple, Adios Mother Fucker, and Jolly Rancher helped me quite a bit, LOL! (On the diet front, I found an AWESOME site that lists approximate calories in some shots, so I was able to keep track <3). At one point they started playing 80's music and I squeed and, while dancing, I decidedly ignored a guy that was dancing in our direction but not really dancing WITH anyone. You know the type. "Whip It" came on and, jokingly I turned to Deana and threw imaginary whips at her and the guy came over to me and was all, "OMG I LOVE THAT! You know this song??" And I kinda nodded and I THINK he introduced himself as Jerry. He seemed far too Fabulous to be hitting on me, but Deana's friend was certain he was going after my boobs, and while my boobs DID look spectacular, I think my lack of a penis would've trumped that for him.

Anyway, I have club picspam OMFG! :D!

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So that was fun and we had hotness.

Yesterday we went and saw Revolutionary Road... and I really enjoyed it. I appreciated that it gave a completely different "lesson" to women when compared to the lessons given to women from the movies that were actually produced during that time (and even some now). Really intense and good.

And omg, so I have to take a minute to boast and say I'm now playing all my rock band 2 drum songs on Hard. I'm one step away from the highest level I can go! And I'm doing GOOD on hard!! I came across Chop Suey the other day by System of a Down and thought I was gonna completely fail, and I SO DIDN'T. I'm getting so much better at the off-beat bass notes, and my drum rolls across the toms are getting really good and precise. XD I've ALWAYS wanted to play drums, ugh, and to think that I might be coordinated enough to possibly be able to do it in real life-??? I know stupid Rock Band drums aren't what playing REAL drums are like, but the idea is the same, and I'm totally getting it.

Women on drums... hottest. Thing. Ever. And I named our "band" Gellert's Revenge XD Rock Band 2 is SO MUCH FUN. Way better that Guitar Hero, IMO. I REEEEEALLY want No One Knows by Queens of the Stoneage on RB2 because I WAAAAANNA play that on drums, omfg.


So. I figured out how to customize the CSS on my current layout and plug in a new banner. CUSTOM LAYOUT COMING UP. I just don't know what to draw @_@ I was thinking of doing something Potter-centric, but then I thought I'd do something pretty and artsy. In any case, I'm really excited about making my OWN banner <3

Buddy Jesus

Lady In Waiting

Sorry I've been a bit absent since my squee fest. I have SO MUCH to catch up on on LJ is isn't even pretty, and I'm buckling down to do that today.

Today I updated a site Tiara and I did about six months ago, freewebhostingdeals.com. I designed everything there, and I did it all in Wordpress, which I find makes a LOVELY CMS, but anywayz. So I was jobless and we thought we'd try setting up an affiliate site. The webhosting affiliate industry is SO SATURATED, though, and when we got NOTHING in the first couple of months (with adword advertising) we pretty much forgot about it. Then in December, we got a sale! And since then, another! So today I've been updating it and such (and a good thing, too @_@ There was def some stuff needing updating) and we might try and put some fresh content on there regularly and see how it goes <3

Yesterday the interview went well, I think --and yes, it WAS another interview. This time I met with the, I guess you'd call him the general manager. This company is large and country-wide, but he's in charge of THAT office. He was a nice guy and I just tried to talk to him and be pleasant. There are a couple of things I'm looking back on and thinking, "oh, maybe I shouldn't have pressed that issue", but I guess that'll happen no matter what I'm on an interview for @_@ They're still considering others, but hopefully I'll hear from someone today or next week. If I don't hear anything by Tuesday, I'll send another gentle email. And they get President's day off. And the day after Thanksgiving. And did I mention 16 days PTO after only a few months? Yeah. I WANT IT SO BADLY. Guh. GUH.

So, there's a skunk in our neighborhood. I've never lived in an area with so many critters -- and this is Orange County, California, like, 15 mins away from Disneyland. This isn't out in a less urban area, we just happen to be around some un-developed canyon areas. We've seen coyotes around our complex, jack rabbits, squirrels, and we have ducks that live and breed in the man-made pond in our area (omg it's SO CUTE when they have the babies <3<3). And over the past month, a skunk has obviously taken up residence. I WANT THE COYOTE TO EAT THE DAMN SKUNK. This little shit smells SO BAD, I've woken up on numerous occasions because MY WHOLE BEDROOM SMELLS LIKE SKUNK. The first time I thought the cats had pissed everywhere or something (they've never *knock on wood* done that, but it's a possibility). Last night I woke up again to skunk stench and my roommate, who's window looks out onto a bushy hillside, said she saw a skunk waddling around out there, then some dogs barked, obviously scared it, and her room started to stink. I never realized HOW BAD those things stunk when alive. I thought skunk roadkill was bad @_@

I write a letter:

Monsieur Pepé Le Pew,

Please do not spray your shit outside my house. I'm sorry that dogs, blades of grass, and intense moonlight seem to scare you, but I do not appreciate eau de moufette. You would be wise to remember that Deana has a bow and arrows and that I've a decent shot. I will sniper your ass medieval-style if you keep this up.

Thank you for your consideration,
Mlle. Lesbienne

I'm going to pretend to have a really cool social life tonight and we're going out to our fave gay club <3 I'm trying to decide whether to have alcohol, because diet + alcohol = worst thing ever. But alcohol + dancing = I'm not worried about looking stupid and, thus, will dance. If you can call it dancing. It's more like watching someone have a seizure and try not to fall down.