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Picard: WTF is THIS shit?

More Job Crazy

I swear I'm getting a stress headache *pops pills* So David (my brother's boyfriend) just called to tell me that when he tried to ask Ray (manager/reference who is evidentially here today) about calling for my reference Ray said he couldn't do it, that corporate has to do it. WHY WOULD CORPORATE GIVE ME A REFERENCE WHEN THEY'VE NEVER WORKED WITH ME OR SEEN ME IN THEIR LIVES??? David is pretty sure that Ray misunderstood, which knowing Ray, is absolutely what happened. He probably heard the words, "Could you do..." and completely shut down and said no. He kinda jumps the gun like that. But I'm gonna pretend like I never heard about any of this and leave Sara with the last email I sent her, telling her to call tomorrow after 11:30 and Ray should be there. If Ray wants to tell her crazy shit, I don't feel like that's on me. And even if Ray ISN'T crazy and Sara SHOULD call corporate, when faced with the woman Ray will probably be like, "Oh, I'm not SUPPOSED to, but well, ok, I guess I could...". He'll make it sound like a big hassle and then do it anyway. I worked with him for six years, so I know how he is @_@

But omfg, huge fecking headache. I think I wanna call my mom and whine to her. Yes, that sounds good.

In other news, I TOTALLY just remembered that I dreamed I was reading this AWESOME, published book about gay boys and, randomly, after I read it I realized it was by betelin_notecor. Raaaaandom! But I was totally impressed with her mad writing skillz XD

Ok. Calling mom for Freak Out Time.

UPDATE 3:07PM: OMG SHE'S CALLED TIARA!!!!!!!! She told Tiara it was her first time calling for references so either she's JUST started calling references or she's ONLY CALLING MY REFERENCES BECAUSE THEY WANT ME AND JUST WANNA MAKE SURE I'M LIKED OMGOMGOMGOMG.

o.m.g. And MOM ISN'T HOME WTF!?!?
Dumbledore OMG!

UGH. I shouldn't get my hopes up...

Hello S!

I came in a few weeks ago and interviewed with yourself, Adrian, Brian, and the general manager and have yet to hear whether your company has come to a decision on an applicant. I'm hoping you're still sifting through the dozens of applicants I'm sure you've encountered!

Either way, I would love to know the status of this position, whether filled or not.

Thank you for your time!


Hi A,
Due to some traveling we have had to do over the past two weeks we have not yet come to a decision and you are definitely still a candidate for the position. We will let you know as soon as a decision is made.

Thank you,


THIS MEANS I STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!!!! I'd pretty much given up and was looking through craigslist and going to see if Borders was hiring. ;_____;

In case I haven't already said it a zillion times, I WANT THIS JOB SOOOOOO EFFING BAD. It's SO fecking perfect and and and SHIT it's just... GAH I WANT IT.

Tomorrow at about 5:30pm is officially my one year anniversary of being fired. This day last year, I had money in the bank, a well-paying job, a new place I'd moved into only the day before... life was good. I can't believe it's been a year. This has been the most -- ....wtf... something just scuttled across my roof. Here I am trying to be profound and deep and suddenly I hear something scuttling above me *looks up at vaulted ceilings* Maybe it was a squirrel. Yes, that makes sense. If it's the skunk I hope he falls off the roof and -- OK, Now there's alien sqwaking outside. Skunk v. Squirrel? Skunk v. Moose and Squirrel?

That reminds me, I TOTALLY dreamed last night that they were making a live action Jem and the Holograms, only Jem was black and vaguely resembled Storm from X-Men. They should totally make this movie for realz, yo.

Going back to being profound... nothing came out of this last year. Ok, one thing did: ass_carnival. And why was that important? I got me drawing again after a VERY long hiatus. It also got Tiara writing and involved in fandom. ^^

Ok, I leave you with another henna pic...
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So now it wraps around my hand. <3
Buddy Jesus

Lady In Waiting

Sorry I've been a bit absent since my squee fest. I have SO MUCH to catch up on on LJ is isn't even pretty, and I'm buckling down to do that today.

Today I updated a site Tiara and I did about six months ago, freewebhostingdeals.com. I designed everything there, and I did it all in Wordpress, which I find makes a LOVELY CMS, but anywayz. So I was jobless and we thought we'd try setting up an affiliate site. The webhosting affiliate industry is SO SATURATED, though, and when we got NOTHING in the first couple of months (with adword advertising) we pretty much forgot about it. Then in December, we got a sale! And since then, another! So today I've been updating it and such (and a good thing, too @_@ There was def some stuff needing updating) and we might try and put some fresh content on there regularly and see how it goes <3

Yesterday the interview went well, I think --and yes, it WAS another interview. This time I met with the, I guess you'd call him the general manager. This company is large and country-wide, but he's in charge of THAT office. He was a nice guy and I just tried to talk to him and be pleasant. There are a couple of things I'm looking back on and thinking, "oh, maybe I shouldn't have pressed that issue", but I guess that'll happen no matter what I'm on an interview for @_@ They're still considering others, but hopefully I'll hear from someone today or next week. If I don't hear anything by Tuesday, I'll send another gentle email. And they get President's day off. And the day after Thanksgiving. And did I mention 16 days PTO after only a few months? Yeah. I WANT IT SO BADLY. Guh. GUH.

So, there's a skunk in our neighborhood. I've never lived in an area with so many critters -- and this is Orange County, California, like, 15 mins away from Disneyland. This isn't out in a less urban area, we just happen to be around some un-developed canyon areas. We've seen coyotes around our complex, jack rabbits, squirrels, and we have ducks that live and breed in the man-made pond in our area (omg it's SO CUTE when they have the babies <3<3). And over the past month, a skunk has obviously taken up residence. I WANT THE COYOTE TO EAT THE DAMN SKUNK. This little shit smells SO BAD, I've woken up on numerous occasions because MY WHOLE BEDROOM SMELLS LIKE SKUNK. The first time I thought the cats had pissed everywhere or something (they've never *knock on wood* done that, but it's a possibility). Last night I woke up again to skunk stench and my roommate, who's window looks out onto a bushy hillside, said she saw a skunk waddling around out there, then some dogs barked, obviously scared it, and her room started to stink. I never realized HOW BAD those things stunk when alive. I thought skunk roadkill was bad @_@

I write a letter:

Monsieur Pepé Le Pew,

Please do not spray your shit outside my house. I'm sorry that dogs, blades of grass, and intense moonlight seem to scare you, but I do not appreciate eau de moufette. You would be wise to remember that Deana has a bow and arrows and that I've a decent shot. I will sniper your ass medieval-style if you keep this up.

Thank you for your consideration,
Mlle. Lesbienne

I'm going to pretend to have a really cool social life tonight and we're going out to our fave gay club <3 I'm trying to decide whether to have alcohol, because diet + alcohol = worst thing ever. But alcohol + dancing = I'm not worried about looking stupid and, thus, will dance. If you can call it dancing. It's more like watching someone have a seizure and try not to fall down.
Eowyn Scream



OMG. So, I JUST checked my cell phone and the place I interviewed for called me back at around 3 today and left me a message. THEY WANT ME TO COME IN ON THURSDAY AT 9:30M!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS BUT I THINK IT'S GOOD!!!!!! GOD I feel like such an ASS for not checking my phone when I got out of the shower!!! awkjgq;ekjrbfj I hope that doesn't seem super unprofessional that I didn't call right back!!!!! I had sent the one lady I spoke with an email earlier today, just a gentle prod like, hey, have you made any decisions? I'm really excited about the possibility of working for ya'll yaddayadda. And only a couple hours later they called me! :D!!!!!!

GOD I just am PRAYING that I can still call in tomorrow and get that 9:30 appointment @_@ I hope it's not too late.

OMG If I loose this job because I was taking a shower, I'M NEVER SHOWERING AGAIN. Ok, maybe that won't solve anything, but *shakes fist at god of hygiene* and OMG EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE IS ASLEEP AND I'M SPAZZING AND ALOOOONE D:!!!!!!!!!!!!


/massive FLAIL.
Dumbledore OMG!



I'm probably jinxing myself by posting this, but HOLYCRAP AN INTERVIEW!!! And it's with the place I was really interested in! The pay is enough to pay the bills and get my debt in order, plus they offer PTO, benefits, and 401k! Oh PLEASE let me NOT make an ass of myself. I think part of my problem with my last interview was that I came off as too desperate. Ok, no desperation.

The interview is for Monday at 11:30am. The other nice thing is that the place is right down the street, so I'd only have, like, a 10 minute drive <3

I want it!!! This is possibly a good sign. It'll be a new year with a win president and I have to believe it'll be a much better year.

Raise your hand if 2008 has been the shittiest year for you in recent memory. *raises hand*
My Harry


THEY WANT ME TO COME BACK FOR A SECOND INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, this is good, it must mean I passed round one of applicant eliminations!

:D!!!! It'll probably be for Friday.... man. :D! Ok, now I'm gonna go watch the Olympics ^_______^
Éowyn Emotive

*almost sigh of relief*

I sent the company an email yesterday asking if they were still considering applicants... got an email back today...

Dear Adriann,

Hello. How are you today? Great I hope. We're still considering applicates at this time. I'm glad to hear you like our company. I will hopefully have an answer to you shortly about the position.

Sorry for the delay. But I'll keep you posted.

Thank you

Helen Irving

So, that means I still have a chance ^_____^*

Good. Stuff.
Éowyn Emotive

Interviews and such

LMAO, I saw 5 seconds of some stupid "thin celebrities" show on TV and they showed a clip of Dominic Monaghan that had me rolling. They were asking celebrities on the red carpet what they did to stay fit and they were all giving serious answers, then they showed Dom:

"Well I go about 9 weeks where I don't eat anything, then I do about 9 weeks at the gym. Then I just eat a lot of chocolate cake. I call it my '9 by 9 by chocolate cake' diet."

He was SO deadpan serious I was falling off the couch >D

Got back from the interview and I think it went well. I'm worried that maybe I tried too hard >.> But they seemed to agree/like a lot of my answers, so here's hoping! They asked those, "name your strengths/weaknesses" questions and I BLANKED on weaknesses. I was all, "it's not that I think I don't have weaknesses!" and they were really nice about it. I pulled a couple out of my ass, but the only thing that kept coming to mind was, "Fried foods and hamburgers. LOOK AT ME. OBVIOUSLY my weaknesses!" But I didn't think that'd be appropriate.

So, fingers crossed... They said they'll be letting people know by the end of the week... This is the first time I've ever left an interview without knowing whether I got the job... it's a little nerve-wracking!

Now, I can focus ooooon... VEGAS!!! Tiara <3<3 is taking me to Vegas this weekend for my birfdar!!! :D! We're gonna leave Thursday night and come home Sunday, and I'm SOOOOO excited and I've been DYING to go to Vegas!! *wiggles* We're gonna see a Cirque du Soliel show, gamble, have lots of sex, order room service, and have all-around fun ^_____^ Ugh, and it means MINI ROAD TRIP! I'm SO looking forward to stopping in Baker and eating at Mad Greek Cafe (OMG GYROS AND HUMMUS) and getting some of that alien jerky :D!

Ok, on that note, time to log my calories into calorie-count.com ^^U
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Of Weight and Interviews

Welllll... I have an interview tomorrow morning at 11am! For a JOB! :D! For those of you that are new, I was spectacularly booted from my last job in February by my conniving, backstabbing supervisor (who has since backstabbed the other guy I worked with and continues to be shady on the whole) and have been living off of a decent unemployment check since then. I've been having a hard time finding something for a number of reasons:

1. I'm under qualified
2. I'm qualified, but it's so far away that with gas prices being what they are, I'd be lucky to break even every month, if that.
3. I send out my resume, but no one ever gets back to me (been doing a LOT of CraigsList searching)
4. Literally 50 other people are applying for these jobs since unemployment in Cali is super high.
5. It involves heavy lifting of some sort. Now, I'm one of those dykes who's like, "I CAN LIFT IT I DON'T NEED A MAN!" and did so when I worked at a movie theater, lifting 40-50 pound boxes above my head, sometimes daily. I think 3 years of said work fucked me up, and now I have a sciatica problem that -- when it flares up -- can knock me on my ass. Literally. I had a manual labor job in college that was events set up and break down and... limping to my dorm and collapsing on my bed in pain = not something I'd look forward to.

And I should mention that I'm not just chillin' at my parents home. I rent a townhome with my girlfriend/partner/wife and my best friend, we pay rent, need food monies, pay utilities... So money is a need. Luckily my unemployment has been perfect for covering my portion of expenses, and luckily my girlfriend still has her kick-ass job and has a decent amount of extra money every month (I gots a sugar momma!), but I don't like the idea of leeching off her, financially.

Last Friday I stumbled across a CraigsList ad that was two weeks old, but it was PERFECT! PERFECT I TELL YOU!! I met every requirement and knew I could totally do the job. I'm not ambitious in the least, and I like a HUGE line drawn between home life and work -- I want to clock in my hours and get the hell out -- so when I found a really no-pressure sounding customer service job that involves answering customer inquires VIA EMAIL for a web-based company, I shat myself and sent my resumé out with an email begging them to look it over. The pay isn't as high as I'd like, but it'd at least cover my expenses, and with the job market being what it is, uh, I'll take just about anything. The next day after submitting my pleading email, THEY CALLED ME FOR AN INTERVIEW! :D!!! *knock on wood* And I normally do pretty good on interviews, so I'm hopeful.

I'm honestly more concerned about self-image than the interview itself. I hate having the feeling that I'll walk in and they be like, "oh GOD. Look at the lazy fat chick. I BET she wants to sit in front of a computer." I've been obsessing over my body, I know I'm at a heavy-for-me point right now, and I'm conscious of it every second I'm out of the house, the whole, "people are looking at me and judging me because of my weight" thing. And today didn't helped when I tried on my nice trousers for the interview... Last time I wore them (at the height of my diet and exercise gig) they were very loose around the thighs and hanging off my ass. Tonight? A snug fit. And they did FIT, but snugly. I promptly went out and walked/jogged a mile. We've been doing good, though. Over the past 3 weeks we've been eating in a LOT more -- cutting eating out to weekends, whereas for the few months before that it was, like, everyday >.>! We've also been walking a mile 5 times a week, and have incorporated jogging parts of it over the last week.

But after tonight, I've decided I need to seriously get back into calorie counting. I hopped back on a couple months ago and then fell right off. And while I'm eating a lot healthier right now, I'm not accounting for it all, which can easily lead to excess. On top of that, I wanna move our cheap knock-off Gazelle into the bedroom. It's currently in the garage, which is too hot to exercise in, so I want to bring it in and really cardio my ass off at least 3 times a week and maybe do some weight training twice a week.

See, I KNOW what my problem is and what I need to do: I am a lazy ass and I eat too poorly, too often. Cure? Exercise more, eat better, portion control. (not to a crazy degree. I shoot for 1300 cals per day when I'm dieting, more if I burn more exercise calories, just as long as I'm eating 500 fewer calories than I burn a day *thumbs up*). And I have to remind myself that the strict eating habits are temporary. Once I get to a goal weight I can bump up to, like, 1700-1800 cals a day and maintain. And that is NOT a ludicrous number.

It's just getting to the point where I'm having anxiety about seeing people, especially people who haven't seen me in a while, and it shouldn't be that way -- I shouldn't LET it be that way.

In other news, I've learned a couple of Japanese dishes and have even made bento for Roomie and Girlfriend -- with success! (and once I get a job, I can make my own bento!) I made tamagoyaki and onigiri and bought some REALLY filling Japanese brown rice and learned how to make it Japanese-style <3 Next, I wanna make sushi rice and attempt tofu sushi ^^U

OH. And Nagini fell today >.> We have a two-story unit with vaulted ceilings, and a... display shelf that runs high along the living room perimeter. Nagini was up there chasing a spider and she slipped and fell on hard tile -- and didn't land on her feet. She was having a hard time sitting, and was walking with a bit of a limp, but she ran up the stairs ok, jumped on and off the bed, and the little chub was yelling at us for food, which I figured were good signs. But her tail is still down and she seems to be sitting down fine... 80% of the time. We're just gonna watch her over the next couple of days and see how she's doing.

Alright, it's almost 3:30am and I have that interview tomorrow. ACK! WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH MY HAIR!?!? It's ass-length... do I go über professional and opt for a bun? Maybe a ponytail and a long braid -- business in front, party in back? *snort* Maybe a ponytail with curls would be good... it's like, "I take the time to groom myself and be presentable, but I'm not afraid of being young and energetic."

Yes... that would be best... Why don't I own nice earrings? *sweatdrop* I'm such a fucking lesbian sometimes... at least I don't own flannel X_x