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Conan String Dance

Masterlist finally working!!!

YAY! I finally fixed the code and have a masterlist of all my art as a top entry on my LJ! ^____^

I collected all the ASS_Carnival pieces and have a few things some of you possibly haven't seen, like Chibi Draco in a ferret costume, or a rather old Remus/Severus sketch that has always amused me, even if it isn't well-drawn ;)

I'm soooo on a fanart streak ^^U Sorry to spam your flists!!! D:

And abusing_sarcasm has me considering hd_worldcup... JUST considering. *shakes fist at Cam* damn you and your appealing team-style fest pimpage! ;)
Dumbledore OMG!


OMG So Tiara and I ordered the special edition Beetle the Bard from Amazon MONTHS ago and we just got it today...


I took pics because, crap, this thing is HUGE -- a LOT bigger than I thought it would be, so I took pics for scale. It's a huge book shell and inside is the actual Beetle the Bard book in a pouch. The decorative metal on the small book is pretty nice, too -- not flimsy plastic.

So if you're a huge HP fan/collector and want an awesome xmas gift, point your family toward amazon XD

Collapse )

OMG, ok, now I'm gonna go read it!!!! <3<3<3
Picard: WTF is THIS shit?


*points up* THAT is the sound of frustration. Next gen fest art. IT'S KILLING ME. Ded. Totally. I redid some shading on the face because I bitched that it needed cooler colors -- this is, like, the third time I've redone it. So I do the cooler colors, decide it STILL looks like rubbish, and I pull up a screen cap of the FIRST shading job I did and OMFG IT WAS FINE THAT WAY WHY DID I CHANGE IT!?!?!?!


At least the hair turned out fantabulous -- I ain't touching that. And ONE good thing came out of this ugly "redo" that'll be redone -- I think I figured out how to color without using the smudge tool, which I've been trying to figure out, so this is VERY good. I love love LOVE the "chunks" of color that draykonis and so many other awesome artists have on their works. It looks so MATURE to me <3

And I keep getting ideas for pictures. I really REALLY wanna do a next gen kids group shot -- I can see it so clearly in my head <3 Maybe after the holidays. I also REALLY want to do a pic for Tiara's mom for xmas -- she loves Lady and the Tramp AND her dog, so I wanted to do a piece that's Lady, Tramp, and her Dog all in classic Disney style and color it like a cell. Coloring will be SO EASY, but I was failing at capturing the style.

Why are all my art endeavors made of fail?? And I haven't forgotten about those who I owe art to for hpequality <3 I got a bit in over my head, methinks @_@ I also do have a scarf started for that comm, in case anyone who ordered one is watching this LJ.

I think I'm gonna go hunt for fanfic. Mmmmmmm, fanfic. And OMG my Beetle the Bard copy is on the way!!! Roommate said that there's some interesting mentions of Malfoys and that it's VERY good, so I'm really excited!! <3

Also... dude. DUDE. Britney Spears makes it hard to hate her when she's naked in music videos. I mean really, she's an awful role model and kinda crazy and blah blah, but then she goes and does hot things like the Womanizer video.


I'm gonna go watch that music video again. >.>!
Éowyn Emotive

Cats and Photoshop question...

Pickle loves to lay all over me when I sit in bed with my laptop. With Tiara asleep next to me and Pickle kneading on me, I feel like things'll be ok. If you were looking at me through my built in webcam, you would've seen this ten minutes ago: Collapse ) *Points* That's my boy <3<3 Then Nagini came up and joined us, bless her heart, and now I have Collapse ). The lump of blanket on the bottom half is my thigh... Nagini is on the left and her collar is shining around her neck. Her head is resting against Pickle's bum, and you can see his little ears in the upper right-hand corner.


In other news... I think. I finally. am inspired. for my next gen fest pic!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been freaking out about it but I TOTALLY got an idea. Now, I have a photoshop question that I can't seem to find an answer to... how do I color in a scanned-in pencil sketch? I want to scan in the pencil sketch and lift the pencil lineart into it's own layer and color in on a layer beneath it. I don't want to trace OVER the pencil line art -- i want to keep it, because it's softer and a bit more organic.

Any ideas?

And I have things in order to get stuff done tomorrow, and I'm proud of myself because I've been having a hard time trying to get anything done. I'll go into it more tomorrow <3
B.D. Smirk

Happy Thanksgiving! ...And Random Stuffs

To everyone on my flist -- Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have an awesome day, whether you're with family or hanging out by yourself <3 I myself am SO excited this year because I don't have to go to my aunts house. Instead, Tiara and I are making our own dinner -- like we did in college -- and it's gonna be SO MUCH WIN. It will include meatless turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes AND Tiara's speshul sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, and more stuff I can't remember <3 It'll be an awesome starch fest!! I was originally dreading Thanksgiving, but once my mom said it was fine if I spent it with Tiara, I was so excited <3 I have an awesome family right here that includes Tiara, Pickle, and Nagini, and I'm quite happy to spend the day with them <3<3 In fact, I prefer it ^^!

It occurred to me, too, that I've unconsciously been quite "green" about my holidays. For the past few years I've preferred veggie turkey for Thanksgiving, and for Christmas I insist on a fake tree (I HATE the idea of cutting down trees just to let it sit and rot and die in your living room @_@ It's such a waste :( I became really conscious about it a few years ago when I watched them cut down this 200 year old tree for Rockefeller center in NY. It made me so sad to think that tree had been growing and surviving for so much... just to be cut down, killed, and decorated for a month. ugh.) I've also preferred bags over wrapping paper because of ease, but now I think about it they're so much more environmental than paper. All that paper just gets thrown away, but many people save and reuse gift bags <3

In more random news... Tiara and I were laying about watching My Fair Lady this evening when it occurred to me: Professor Higgins IS that fanon, eccentric Draco Malfoy personality that so many of us love! His mannerisms, his quick, biting insults, his holier-than-thou self-absorbed attitude (with a heart hidden within)... SO DRACO MALFOY <3<3 THEN I thought, crap, wouldn't a My Fair Lady H/D fic be made of WIN!? I could easily see Draco taking in Scruffy Berk Potter on a bet and trying to pass him off as a presentable pureblood who'd been raised in a right-proper wizarding family <3<3 IT'S SO PERFECT. Higgins is even such a CHILD in regards to his mother.

Harry: Er...
Draco: Potter! There is no "er" in the English language. Your mangling of words offends my ears. Now, do tell me you have proper robes?
Harry: Um... these aren't proper?
Draco: "Um" is not a word! And Potter, really, you have a Chudley Cannons patch over a hole on your elbow. Chudley Cannons. Patch. Hole. NOT PROPER. I'm sure you must beg shamelessly for money daily, what with that unfortunately disfigured face, but must you crawl about on your elbows? *heavy sigh*
Harry: Malfoy, I'm not poor.
Draco: Well, then, that is merely a testament to the fact that no amount of money in the world is going to save you from looking like you were dressed by blind house elves. It's going to take suave, cunning --
Harry: Do you ALWAYS talk this much?
Draco: When one has a modicum of understanding of the English language, one finds talking to be easy and enjoyable, not... garbled and... frustrating. As you must find it.

So. Effing. Canon.

Someone should write this. One of you fanfic writers out there? bryoneybrynn? abusing_sarcasm? Someone? Write this.
My Harry

Knitty McKintterson... and HP scarves?

It's that time of year again. The days have gotten shorter, and it's starting to get colder (relatively speaking, by California weather standards), and I'm ITCHING to knit!! I haven't knitted in about a year, but whenever it starts to get colder, I guess my body responds in a very human way... settling in, nesting, getting ready for winter. In any case it makes me feel warm and cozy and gets me into my holiday spirit.

So, what have I in mind to knit?

Well, just last night I finished a scarf I started last year, complete with pockets at the ends so I can warm my hands <3<3 It feels good to start knitting with a finished product!

I also want to make these gloves for Tiara, since she's ALWAYS freezing at work. And since they don't have the fingers, I think I can actually accomplish them! And it'll be my first time making cables, but after knitting This and This, I think I can manage it. I have some nice brown yarn I wanna make those in <3

My mom also demands that I make her the knitted penguin I started on last year ^^U

I also got some awesome ideas for some DS cozies <3<3

Aaaaaaaannnnnd... I'm seriously, 99% considering putting up some HP scarves for hpequality. I'd knit any house, in either the CoS or PoA patterns. I've knit two Harry Potter scarves before, a Ravenclaw one for my German friend and Collapse ). The ones I've knit in the past are VERY, VERY long, about 8-9 feet, so you can wrap it around your neck once or twice and still have a long, elegant scarf in front of you, and they were also knit twice their width and doubled over -- wonderfully warm for cooooold New York winters <3 BUT, if I did this for the comm, I'd have to cut their length and thickness, and change the knit to a very thin ribbed pattern Like this to keep the scarf from rolling in on the edges. If I didn't make these adjustments... the scarves wouldn't be done until June @_@

I dunno if anyone would be interested in something like that, but for me it'd be an excuse to knit!

HP Next Gen Exchange Fest...

Ok, so I have my next gen exchange assignment... And I'm drawing SUCH A BLANK. I mean, the prompt is there, and clear and quite good, but I want to draw something astounding and in my mind everything I can picture looks like something draykonis would draw. -_-U And I'm sad to say I in no way could even begin to tap into her massive amounts of fanart win.


And, to the person who has me... if you read this... So I failed massively when I was putting in my prompt, and it occurred to me, quite blatantly, that I have a HUGE theme/kink that I LOVE IN FICS:

I LOVE it when one of the characters is sick or has some kind of condition. It doesn't have to be the central point of the fic, but def a plot element. Like Albus in The Road Less Travelled by scoradh. I love it when one character kinda "looks after" the other. He doesn't have to moon over him or mother him, but help him out and understand him and know him in a way no one else does... *sigh*

And, does anyone know of a decent fic that involves the AS/S boys and a baby? NO MPREGs, but something where, for some reason, a baby happens? I probably shouldn't admit that I'd wanna read that, but there's something endearing about guys having tender places in their hearts for kids... ^^UUU

Ok, and NOW to bed...
My Harry

HP Lexicon...

Is it... dead? Or am I just hitting it at a bad time and it's temporarily down? I'm trying to go to the site and it's kinda dead, but i hadn't heard anything about the site being permanently pulled, so...

I hope i'm just hitting it at a bad time, because that would SUCK if it's gone @______@

Anyway, Ginny's eyes are brown, right...? ^^U
My Harry

Half-Blood Prince moved back a YEAR.

It's bull. If it looks like bullshit, and it smells like bullshit, it's probably bullshit.

Plus, how the fuck am I supposed to go wait in line in full uniform in JULY? At least it'll be a LITTLE cooler in November! It's frustrating, utterly. And there's actually a petition -- almost 6000 signatures in 10 hours, so not doing too bad for a "little" group of fans.

If you're so inclined...

Futile gesture, surely, but if you're mad enough to sign, why not?