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If for some crazy reason you've decided you like my fanart and have decided to stalk me, here's a masterlist of all my arts <3 I've tried to list it with newest arts at the top of each "genre". If any links or images are broken, please comment on this post and let me know! <3

Feel free to use my art for icons or communities, I just ask that you credit somewhere in case someone decides to stalk me ;) (Also, obviously, don't use the ones that say "DO NOT USE" ^^U) I'd also appreciate a comment in this entry if you wanna use art, just so I can feel speshul. XD

♥ = a personal favorite ^^

Last Update: 10/26/09

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My Harry

Fanart: H/D - The Execution

H/D, PPLS!!!! :D!!!!

Because I got so many AWESOME COMMENTS last week I was like, o hai, so many of my f-listers aren't fans of the Harry/Scorpius pairing but commented anywayz, so they can haz prezint.

Here you go with some ANGST-RIDDEN H/D (the only kind of H/D, imo XD ). This is a post 8th year, maybe they're in their early 20's and Lucius Malfoy's execution sentence for war crimes has been, well, executed.

I think I captured Draco kind of... haunted, exhausted sadness at the whole thing. There isn't much more he can feel at this point -- his father has been killed -- but he also knows his father wasn't the greatest person in the world. I feel at this point, Draco wants to stop thinking and feeling anything.

Then there's Harry, who obviously wants to be there to console Draco -- no one wants to see their lover go through something horrible -- but there's no way Harry can voice his sense that justice ha been carried out and Lucius got what he deserved.

So, massive angst and inner turmoil. :D

BTW, whenever I upload to the internetz, my colors get washed out hardcore. ANyone know how to keep the colors from washing out so badly when working in photoshop? :)

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My Harry

Fanart: H/D World Cup Submission '09

This is VERY much late but I always intended on posting my piece for the HD WorldCup here on my LJ. Thank you so much if you commented on it already <3 I got so overwhelmed with comments and while there were some close people I wanted to respond to I felt it would be in bad taste to pick and choose who I respond to. So huge, massive, gigantor thanks to everyone who commented! <3<3

I'm actually still pleased with the way this turned out. Of course there are some panels I'm not happy with, but as a whole it's what I wanted. It was going to be a small thing to start, and turned rather epic and out of control, so I was literally working on it until the last 4 minutes before submissions were due!! Huge amounts of thanks are in order for snarkyscorp for helping me in that last hour and dealing with my frantic crazy <3

My prompt was... oh crap what was it... I would never lay a wand on you. I wanted to look at the times they hurt one another emotionally, physically, and the times they saved each other to come to the point where they're together.

I have to say my favorite panels are NoseSmash!Harry, Draco at the Manor, and the very last one.

Ok, I'm going to offer the large versions and the small versions. My net is having a hell of a time loading BOTH right now, so I can't gauge just HOW big the big one is (HDWC posted the small versions). Of course, I recommend the large versions -- much better quality <3

HD World Cup Submission

Part 1 - Large

Part 2 - Large

* * *

Part 1 - Small

Part 2 - Small
My Harry

Fanart: H/D - I Must Not Tell Lies

Here's a bit of quick fanart I did tonight <3 I was watching OotP and was inspired by my lovely Harry and the piece turned into somewhat of an H/D bit. I was really inspired by lillithium and wanted simple lines, black and white. Her art just, ugh MOVES me (I've had one of her pieces as my desktop for damn-near a year) and her style is... so unique <3

For once, Photoshop was only used for some touch up. This was all done with Copic Multiliners. I always LOVED that bit in the book where Harry is forced to scar the back of his hand with Umbridge's pen. UNG. I wish more fic would incorporate those scars more often -- they're so, so dark.

OotP still is and always will be my FAVE HP book. CapsLock!Harry FTW!

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My Harry

Fanart: Commission for BryoneyBrynn

This piece is actually a couple months old, but I wanted to wait until reveals went up for hd_hols before posting it. :)

This is a commissioned piece for bryoneybrynn based on her H/D hols fic, So Hard A Master, a piece that is wonderful and heart-wrenching and classically, delectably Bryoney. Meaning, GO READ IT NOW!!! :O!!!! It's fairly self-explanatory and takes place at the end of the story <3 Erin has also given permission for people to use this piece as they wish (I'm just asking that you credit me and/or Bryoney ^_^).

On a side note, I have to say that this meant I got to read the fic before it was posted, and I can't tell you how hard it was not to run around saying, "OMGOMGOMG I'M ONE OF THE FIRST FEW TO READ THE NEW SEKRIT BRYONEYBRYNN FIC!!!!!!!!" Seriously, I was practically exploding with glee ;) But it was a neener-neener Slytherin-type glee, so it's probably best I kept my mouth shut lest I make enemies. XD

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Specail Crack

HPEquality Badges!

Ok, so snarkyscorp asked me to make up some custom badges for the new hpequality site thats going live today. She asked for some quick chibis, and I ended up with something thats somewhere between chibis and regular-sized, and I'm quite pleased with them! ;)

And I think I have to blame bryoneybrynn for my new Hermione!Muse. I've never liked Hermione, but as Bryoney writes her in CDT, I REALLY like her, and I feel like everything I've been drawing of her has been turning out as massive win. I've never even DRAWN Hermione before I did in that CDT pic!

So anyway, here's a preview of the badges you can choose from if you participate in hpequality. I picked what I perceived were the biggest pairings for each slash, het, and femmeslash, so hopefully there's something for everyone <3 They're available in "I wrote/drew/donated for...", so one for everyone <3 I was thinking of doing a trio one, too, if there's a demand for it.

Randomly I think the Hermione/Ginny one is my FAVE. I need to draw more femmeslash! LOL!

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More Fanarts for Bryoney...

Sooooo, I was reading Certain Dark Things by bryoneybrynn and... ;___________; I'd been looking for a good 8th year H/D and never realized that an ABSOLUTE GEM was just waiting for me on my flist. It's brilliant, it's gut wrenching, it's canon, it's PERFECT... and it isn't finished ;______; *CRIES SO MUCH* She has a lot on her plate right now, what with fests and RL and such, but I'm PRAYING that she'll be inspired enough to continue writing in a couple of months, because I can't get this fic outta my head. Seriously, I find myself musing over it and having What Would Harry Do moments.

So. Effing. Good.

So the infamous Granger Sandwich comes from CDT, and while it is an amusing, fun place to be -- especially if you're Draco -- I wanted to draw a less sexy and more desperate type of Granger Sandwich. Because that whole fic is full of desperation, and let's face it, Granger Sandwiches are about chasing away demons <3

So this is for you, again, Bryoney, because you've had a tough couple of days, because I'm in love with your fic, and because I desperately want to inspire you to write more <3<3<3

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In Awe of You

Bunnies for Bryoney

“I need to talk to you,” Potter said in that blunt, urgent way he had. Honestly, Draco’s wit was completely lost on the idiot.

“You are talking to me.”

“No, I mean, I need to talk to you about something.”

Draco shook his head and turned to face the other boy. As usual, Potter looked like he had just wrestled a kneazle. He had to do it on purpose. No one could go about looking that bad by accident. “Potter, do you even understand the concept of a conversation?

So the other night I read He Was He and I was Bunny by our dear bryoneybrynn and... it is probably the best H/D I've ever read, hands-down. IT WAS PERFECT!!! I can't even get into what I loved about it because, really, it was EVERYTHING. I'm sure most of my Flist has read all of Bryoney's fics, but if you haven't, YOU MUST READ THIS FIC. I was fangirling all over the place with this one -- even more so than with sarahtales's H/D. Seriously. IT'S THAT GOOD.

I couldn't let the awesomeness that is Bunny go without fanart. I couldn't. And so, bryoneybrynn, here's a bit o' fanart to go with your fan fic. *hands over present* It's yours to do with as you please ^____^!

If you're a good girl and write more Certain Dark Things after your fests are done, I shall give you MORE fanart for your fic *nods, and smiles, and dangles carrot*

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