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Animal Crossing

Omg. So I got stupid animal crossing: wild world for the DS and... dude... IT'S ADDICTING. I need to catch fish and insects and OMG I found out there was a cafe in the Museum!! :O!!! With a piano! How do I get people in there to play the piano? I want a beatnik party! :D! And since Nook's is closed I donated a bunch of stuff to the museum -- aren't I all spiffy. And one of the trees I planted disappeared!! I stole fruit from my roomie's town and I think it's the cherry tree that dissapeared :( But Nook doesn't have a damn watering can for me to buy!! How can I water my trees and keep them growing??

I think the black cat has a crush on me. She seems sweet. I sent her a letter with a shirt in it cuz she likes clothes. And I've been getting new residents every day -- SO AWESOME. One of the new girls... I wanna steal her furniture. My house SUCKS on the inside. I NEED a dresser or something. Right now my house is littered with sea shells!

Now I need an Animal Crossing icon. It's way too addicting.

I should add, my guy's name is Albus and my town is Hogsmeade XD I WANTED it to be Ottery St. Catchpole, but it woudln't fit :(
Specail Crack

Can't Stop the Mania...

... Cake Mania, that is. I know I'm, like 4 years behind the trend but whatever >D Tiara was obsessed with playing Cake Mania in college and I always teased her about her obsession. But, with my new DS, I decided the other day that I would get the Cake Mania DS game Tiara owned and give it a try... and... I CAN'T STOP PLAYING. Even in my sleep I was running around making cakes for customers! Last night I accidentally played until 5am. @_____@

It's way too effing addicting. Anyone else played it/ playing it? If not, you should go get it. Go get a DS, the greatest game system ever, and get Cake Mania.


Ok, off to join my woman in bed... not without my DS >_____>!!