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Breathe In, Breathe Out. Exhale and Inhale.

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Age Statement: I am most certainly over the age of 18.

Welcome to my humble little corner of Harry Potter fandom! I love to draw all things Harry Potter and mostly dabble in the Next Gen HP Universe. I'm NOT a fan of Harry/Ginny, but it's hard for me to ignore the epilogue and kill off their kids ;) I own 2 sets of robes, dress up for the movies, went to Azkatraz and plan on going to Infinitus, and am an all-around Potter geek. I also geek about other things, like Batman, Star Trek (I was a HUGE Voyager fan back in the 90's. I love the reboot movie, but I just loved Trek in general before it was cool ;) ) Star Wars... pretty much all things nerd.

I LOVE new friends and I'll add just about anyone as long as they seem to be in my fandoms and have similar intrests. :) Feel free to friend me and, chances are, I'll friend you back!

I live in Southern California and have been with snarkyscorp since October 2003 - yes, we're really a couple! We share the same bed and we have 2 gorgeous kittens, Pickle and Nagini <3
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You're probably here for my Harry Potter art, although you'll find art from Batman, Sailormoon, and more on my Master List. My OTPs are H/D and AS/S, but my girlfriend demands a fair amount of Harry/Scorpius, so those pieces are starting to add up. I LOVE comments and always try to respond -- even if it's a week or two late. :) Im still learning, still trying to find my "style" and still have a long way to go, so mistake are sure to abound!

My Art MasterList

I'll be honest: Commisions scare the crap outta me. For some reason I freeze up the minute someone offers me money for art -- I think it's the pressure of delivering something good. I don't generally take commissions, but 'd be happy to hear any ideas you might have and see if it inspires me. I'm also willing to work with community mods who might want layouts and banners, just send me a message and we'll see if I can avoid an artistic freeze ;)

My Community Banners:
hp_nextgen_fest: Used from October 2009 - Present

I also created the badges for hpequality
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disclaimer & use
This journal contains explicit adult art and is not intended for children. All R- and NC-17-Rated pieces will be friends-locked.

Harry Potter, Batman, Sailor Moon, and all other franchises seen here are copyright to their respective owners. I don't pretend to own these, I simply play in their universes.

Feel free to use my art in icons, headers, layouts, ect! I only ask that you leave me a comment or message and credit me with a LJ user tag somewhere in or around the piece. Also, those that say "commission" or "do not use" in my master list are, obviously, off limits (unless you get express permission from the recipient).

LJ Layout:
"Expressive" used, background and banner are original pieces by me, _aurora_sky_. Please do not use.
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Most of the photoshop brushes and patterns I use are the hard work of talented individuals from livejournal and deviantart, but sometimes I find random stuff about the internet. Every now and then I might google an image to adapt into a piece, but normally it's something utterly mundane, like a brick wall. While I only have a handful of resources I've used -- and try to only use resources from the same people -- I am missing some credits. Below are the ones I'm sure of.

Credit List
mu3i @ DeviantArt
nathie @ DeviantArt
shiranui @ DeviantArt [lace brushes]
cloaks @ DeviantArt [crack texture brushes]

This list is bound to grow as I use more resources/find more of the people I need to credit. If I use someone else's resources, it's never for something commercial or something I'm making money off of. I could only imagine how frustrating it would be to put something out in the world to benefit others, only to have it "stolen".

If I've used one of your resources have failed to credit you, please send me a message. :)
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i, me, mine

Me & My girlfriend, by me

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