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How To Train Your Dragon Owns My Soul + Art Dump

So. I saw this movie. AND I'M MADLY DEEPLY, OMG IN LOVE WITH IT. Words cannot express how obsessed I am with this movie. We've seen it 3 times in the past week >.>! I never even see the HP movies that much. I'm just hoping I can put off seeing it for 2 weeks to give my pocket book a break -_-U

If you have not seen this movie... STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND SEE IT NOW. I don't care if you're naked, dying, about to have sex... GO SEE THIS MOVIE. I'm normally a Pixar elitist and snub anything by Dreamworks, but when I saw a dragon, I was game. I've had a raging hard on for dragon's since I was very young, and there's NOTHING better than a human/dragon bonding story. Now, this movie is conventional, we've al seen this story... but the WAY it's told, the way it's animated... it makes your heart absolutely ACHE. I'm IN LOVE with Hiccup (the main character) and his dragon, how the relationship builds between them... it's so simple and beautiful. Ugh.

UGH. Please, everyone, go see it so you can come back and gush with me. I'm even thinking of writing fanfic -- I'm like breathing this movie. The animation is superb and you walk away feeling like the animators were in love with and in touch with these characters. And the music... THE MUSIC!?!?!? It's incredible and sweeping and breath taking. I've pretty much been listening to the soundtrack exclusively since Monday @_@ I bought the art book, I wanna buy plushies and toys and make my own shirts and and and....*breathes*

And, I have to note that I HAVEN'T read the books but, from what I understand, it's QUITE different from the books.

And now here's some art... the first one contains a spoiler for the end of the movie... its a small spoiler, but it was the thing that rocked my world and made me love everyone and everything involved with this movie <3

There's a story in my head behind this. The movie doesn't take place in winter at all... but they're vikings... so there's BOUND to be some snow at some point ;) To sum the pic up... Hiccup and Toothless are the first to see Something Bad. Hiccup is worried and Toothless is in protective Dragon mode <3

This are just some sketches I did <3
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