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Awesome End to An Awesome Day

The day didn't begin so great, what with an earthquake waking me up at 4am and keeping me up for an hour. But I went today for a hair trim and color. The ends of my hair were SO DEAD, and I finally decided to take the plunge and do my first permanent color.

A trim turned into a cut... and the color is fantastic!

And a before pic so you know how much I cut off. It was about waist length. My fuzzy son, Pickle, is loving on me ♥

Man, my girlfriend is such a scene stealer! But yeah, I haven't had it THIS short since I was about 14 D:!!! Rigth now I'm enjoying how HEALTHY and LIGHT it feels. The last 5 inches were nothing but split ends upon split ends. It was like combing through hay. I'm sure in a week I'm gonna be crying about how short it is, but right now I feel bouncy! I might even put me on some make-up tomorrow!!

To top it all off, I get to bring home a bunch of awards from nextgen_awards!!

(which isn't saying much since it was only between me and Dray -- but I'll take it!)

So that's super super exciting!! Thanks for voting for me!! I hope I can continue to improve and deliver awesome artz :D
Tags: fandom, real life

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