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Big Thank Yous, Weight, And Rings

So, my f-list has been awesome and I need to count the ways :)

First off, nolagal wrote on of her advent drabbles based on my Lily/Scamander Twins art!!! I dunno HOW she managed to get it so HOT AND STEAMY in 100 words, but this is why I do the drawing and leave much more talented people to the written PR0NZ. Thank you, Nolagal!!! Go read it here!!

And speaking of Nolagal, I had a HUGE amount of random LOLz last night because... I purposefully sat down at my computer to look up movie times at fandango.com. I went to type in "fandango.com" in the address bar, hit return, and realized I had typed in "nolagal.com" - LMFAO!!! Because THAT looks JUST LIKE "fandango" *face.palm* Randomly, though, there is a website! So, Nolagal, I must have you stuck in my subconscious ;) <3

Now, more thanks to the wonderful people who sent me snowflakes!! They were sooo purdy in my ickle profile :D So thank you lordes, nolagal, tray_la_la, brissygirl, pink_mint, And nuclearsugars!


Also, hellooooo to all the new people that have friended me!!! I'm officially over 100 friends and, not to sound too much like Slughorn collecting students, but this makes me have huge squee and is humbling <3

A few months ago the doctor had me take a bunch of blood tests after finding that my blood pressure was high. The first set of tests showed my cholesterol is a bit elevated, so I went back for more.

The doctor called me in for the results (never good @_@) and told me -- very nicely, I might add -- that based on the lab results I'm about 10lbs away from developing diabetes.

She suggested Jenny Craig -- adding that it had worked for her -- and I told her what I planned on for exercise and diet and she seemed to think that was good. That visit was on November 6th and I've since lost 5-6lbs, at least. I've been like an engine struggling to start for the last year when it comes to the weightloss venue, but this was definitely the push I needed. Moreover I sometimes get these heart palpitations that, frankly, scare the crap out of me and I remember when Tiara and I were consistently exercising and eating well, those heart palpitations diminished. We've been walking/jogging 1-2 almost every day. I really need to add in some kind of strength training more regularly. A couple years ago I did Pilates and that really helped, but I'm not really in the headspace for that now. I really enjoy yoga, but it's just a matter of getting it in.

I have to say that, as of right now, I'm in a place where I WANT to walk. Maybe it's because I'm under the impression that it'll make me feel better, maybe it really DOES make me feel better, but it's nice to not feel like I'm forcing myself to go out, but rather that I'm choosing to. And I'm setting goals for myself -- I want to be able to jog, without stopping, one lap around our complex -- which is exactly 1/2 a mile. Right now we can do about... 1/4 to 1/3 of that non-stop ;) It's baby steps, but watching the Biggest Looser has made me want to obtain the stamina to jog. And you have to know that what I just typed is contrary to the very core of my being up to this point -- of all the exercises out there, running has ben my hated foe, my bane.

But I've actually been trying to figure out how to get in good exercise when we go to Missouri on the 26th. Her mom lives off a gravel, pot-holed road in Hicksville, MO, and if there's snow, I'm not sure jogging will be an option. I want to be able to enjoy food like Cracker Barrell and Steak N Shake and put my calorie intake on the back-burner, but I don't wanna forgo my exercise. Tiara's mom is getting us the Biggest Looser game for Wii, and we're probably gonna bring the Wii with us, but that won't be an intense cardio. So we'll have to see.

In other news... we got rings #^_________^#!!

They're more like commitment rings at this point. We'll get our dream rings whenever we have a ceremony <3 But they were on sale and we got them from an LGBT site that donates part of the purchase to Lamba Legal, so s'all good ^^
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