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If for some crazy reason you've decided you like my fanart and have decided to stalk me, here's a masterlist of all my arts <3 I've tried to list it with newest arts at the top of each "genre". If any links or images are broken, please comment on this post and let me know! <3

Feel free to use my art for icons or communities, I just ask that you credit somewhere in case someone decides to stalk me ;) (Also, obviously, don't use the ones that say "DO NOT USE" ^^U) I'd also appreciate a comment in this entry if you wanna use art, just so I can feel speshul. XD

♥ = a personal favorite ^^

Last Update: 10/26/09

•Harry Potter•

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•Other/General Arts•

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My Harry

ART: Sailormoon Gift Art

I made arts!!! It's been waaaayy too long since I've drawn @_@

One of my good friends in Germany has ben studying for something like 7 years to be a teacher, and she just passed all her exams with awesome scores!! Therefore, she deserves fan art :)

We met about 10 years ago when I started reading her Haruka/Michiru Sailormoon fanfics and I've since been to Germany to visit her and she's come out to visit me twice, so we're solid, yo ;) I pretty much learned how to draw from sending her tons of fanart over snail mail, LOL!

So she gets special art with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru <3

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My Harry

NextGenDarkFest: Deaths That Separate (Portrait!Snape/Lily Luna)

Here's my offering for nextgendarkfest. I'm really happy with this pic still, and I drew it months ago :)

My idea was that Harry has a portrait of Snape in his study -- in addition to the one at Hogwarts. Lily Luna and Snape developed a painfully romantic relationship over the years... and in this scene I imagined Lily Luna was going off to Wizard College or whatever and this would be her last night with Snape. I like to think she about to expose herself to him for the first time...

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I&#39;d Explain but Mind Blow Up

Writer's Block: The day the earth stood still

What does this day mean to you?

Wasn't that the day Klaatu and Gort landed and we were all "WTF" and shot him in the arm and then Gort was all, "IMMA SHANK YOU, EARTH BITCHES" and then Klaatu was all, "be coo' nigga." and then we were all "LOLZ, jk, we totes thought you were a Russian."

Oh yeah, I remember that day.

And then a couple days later Klaatu was all, "forced Utopia is SO EFFING RAD. Ya'll are gonna try it, or the universe is gonna blow your asses up :D kthnxbye!!"
Toothless Smile

Fanfic: HTTYD - Winter ll, Nightmares

TITLE: Winter ll, Nightmares
PAIRING: none, hiccup/toothless gen
SUMMARY: Hiccup has found a way to deal with his nightmares after the battle with the Red Death...
NOTES: Dreamwork & Cressida Cowell owns, I play. <3 Thanks to snarkyscorp for the beta! I've got a lot of stories in my mind, so I'm writing them down chronologically as a string of parts, I guess. I'm feeling like these could be read as stand-alones, or as a whole set <3

[ Winter l, Hibernation ]

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Hiccup/Toothless First Touch

Fanfic: HTTYD - Winter l, Hibernation

No, that's not a typo, yes, this is FANFIC D:


I'm still hopelessly obsessed with the movie, been thinking about it pretty non-stop, and started thinking about the dragons needing to hibernate in the winter... and here's what happened. I like the idea that Hiccup and Toothless are heterosexual lifemates, and that neither of them will have mates because they prefer/need one-another (in a non-bestiality, non-furry kind of way).

I haven't written fanfic for a loooooooong time, but I made Snarky promise to not let me post it if I would end up embarrassing myself @_@

TITLE: Winter l, Hibernation
PAIRING: none, hiccup & toothless bromance
SUMMARY: The vikings of Berk had often wondered where the dragons disappeared to during the cold of winter...
NOTES: Dreamwork owns, I play <3 Thanks to snarkyscorp for the beta! Probably gonna be x-posted to some of the new How To Train Your Dragon (hereafter referred to as "HTTYD") comms <3 I have more ideas, so this might turn into a set of mini fics.

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[ Winter ll, Nightmares]
Toothless Smile

How To Train Your Dragon Owns My Soul + Art Dump

So. I saw this movie. AND I'M MADLY DEEPLY, OMG IN LOVE WITH IT. Words cannot express how obsessed I am with this movie. We've seen it 3 times in the past week >.>! I never even see the HP movies that much. I'm just hoping I can put off seeing it for 2 weeks to give my pocket book a break -_-U

If you have not seen this movie... STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND SEE IT NOW. I don't care if you're naked, dying, about to have sex... GO SEE THIS MOVIE. I'm normally a Pixar elitist and snub anything by Dreamworks, but when I saw a dragon, I was game. I've had a raging hard on for dragon's since I was very young, and there's NOTHING better than a human/dragon bonding story. Now, this movie is conventional, we've al seen this story... but the WAY it's told, the way it's animated... it makes your heart absolutely ACHE. I'm IN LOVE with Hiccup (the main character) and his dragon, how the relationship builds between them... it's so simple and beautiful. Ugh.

UGH. Please, everyone, go see it so you can come back and gush with me. I'm even thinking of writing fanfic -- I'm like breathing this movie. The animation is superb and you walk away feeling like the animators were in love with and in touch with these characters. And the music... THE MUSIC!?!?!? It's incredible and sweeping and breath taking. I've pretty much been listening to the soundtrack exclusively since Monday @_@ I bought the art book, I wanna buy plushies and toys and make my own shirts and and and....*breathes*

And, I have to note that I HAVEN'T read the books but, from what I understand, it's QUITE different from the books.

And now here's some art... the first one contains a spoiler for the end of the movie... its a small spoiler, but it was the thing that rocked my world and made me love everyone and everything involved with this movie <3

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My Harry

Fanart Commission: Pansy/Ron for cassie_black12

Woah fanart!! This was commissioned by nursedarry a few months ago for cassie_black12.I hope you had an AWESOME b-day, cassie_black12!!!

As soon as Snarky told me she wanted a Ron/Pansy commission I as immediately like, "ok, well, Ron HAS to be submissive for this to work for me, so find out if that's ok!!" And it was! :D

So here you go with some Ron/Pansy art.

Since this is a commission, please do not use this piece

PS. LJ's scrapbook is currently being a pain in the ass, so the image might not load quickly...

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Conan String Dance

HAIR SPAM!! And Caplocks Spam.

Ok, I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with this short hair. I'm totally loving how I can toss it around and it falls like MODEL hair, UGH. <3 AND I curled it this morning for TEN MINUTES, all of it took TEN MINUTES, no hair spray, and it's still got a lot of curl. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER. My hair normally takes at least 40 mins to curl and the curl might last 5 hours with hairspray.


My excitement has resulted in more pic spam. Of my hair. Because I'm a ho and my laptop has a built in camera.

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OK. ok. I'm done. I think it's out of my system. I need a hair icon.