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August Moon Icons

...the wild boys are calling on their way back from the fire...

16 December
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august moon icon journal


This is the icon & graphics journal of Magic Maid, otherwise known as Nicole. I will be _learning_ to make decent icons, and if I'm pleased with them, I'll post them here. I also intend to post any gradients, stock photos or textures, bases, and brushes I might make, should I feel inspired. If you choose to take any icons (I would guess there's always a possibility), you absolutely, positively, must credit me, and you also must save them to your own server. Do not assume textless icons are bases, unless I specifically state that they are. Comments are more than welcome. :)

I will try to be more specific about tagging these days, I never used to know what that was all about. So be sure to browse my tags? You can find my resource post in the sidebar, be sure to visit these folks.

- Lord of the Rings
- Disney
- Ancient Civilizations/Cultures
- Travel
- Scenic
- Bloom County
- Get Fuzzy
- more. lots more.


lunastar icons

Currently accepting! Want to ?


All sources should be credited, both below and in my resource post. The header is my own, simple as that is.
Don't know how to credit? Here's a visual for you:
credit me

...in august moon's surrender to
a dust cloud on the rise...

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