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Blasto, the first Hanar Spectre!

he's got a lover in every port and a gun in every tentacle!

the zombies are a metaphor
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So... something about me.

Australian. Prone to excitability and ridiculousness some of the time, but usually quite sensible.


Flist policy: If I've added you, it's probably because I think you are nifty-cool and want to read what you have to say. Of course you're under no obligation to add me back.

As this journal is now mostly public, I am totes okay being added to people's flists (even if my posts mostly consist of me flailing about the animes or complaining about the weather. If you're here for the unloved and rarely-updated art journal, it's over thataway).


The Wolf House! A series of vampire novels by Mary Borsellino with covers by yours truly

The Wolf House: Punk is dead and it has fangs


Art LJ:

Down On Paper


"There's a whole group of us, the Girly Man's Club - Gary Oldman, Frank Langella, Geoffrey Rush - all enthusiastically heterosexual men who are bored by sports and would much rather go shopping."
-Alfred Molina


'I confess that I am an eater of meat. I have tried over the years to acquire a taste for vegetables and fruit but I have always failed. I understand why vegetarian groups cry, 'Meat is murder,' I agree with them, but there is something so damn satisfying about consuming a beast that has died for you. It is tribal and instinctive: to stop its heart, ingest its soul, steal its spirit. I cannot imagine any similar joy in stealing the soul of a carrot.'
-Paul McDermott


evil and eviller

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