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That Girl

the one with 5 colours in her hair

That Girl <3
8 February
Helloo, my name is becci im 17 years old from the uk.
My main intrests is music, my fave band is Busted and i think there wicked, i also like Finch, The Darkness, Deftones, Sugababes, White Stripes.
My other intrests includes website designing which ive been doing for almost 2 years now i own my own domain overnow.net and i co-run Busted-rock.com which is the biggest busted fansite on the net and recently opened mcflyonline.com which is dedicated to upand coming band MCFLY and i also run buttloads of fanlistings. On Lj i run one community which is bustedrock which is for news on busted and is run along side busted-rock and thats about it i guess

My Lj is friends only as i like to have some privacy from the blog on my domain also i can talk about more personal things without alot of people knowing, feel free to add me just comment and i will add you