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Got it! I am officially to cheese specialist and got a raise!!
It was the only time I've ever gone for a job and only had a one person interview "panel".
My TL already had the offer paperwork filled out :)
Yes- I like my cheesy job even if it will never allow me to be rich and live a life of leisure.



Um..according to next week's work schedule...I am a supervisor.
I wonder when this happened



Work sucked today. Yup- really sucked!! I went in half an hour early- 6:30am to be exact- because I woke up and there was no point in trying to get another 25 minutes of sleep. I hadn't been to work in a week- the snow had caused a lot of leaks all over the store- we have plastic sheets and buckets to catch the drips. Sears- our landlords- sucks!! They never get anything fixed in a timely manner. Anywho- I got a lot of my stuff done before 11- very productive!! I had several people that I had to write-up for various things. One person- it makes me sad- he's a good guy that just needs to show up on time. The one girl just needs to go away!! She was totally calm and normal in the office, went down to the sales floor- freaked out, started crying and had to go home. I hope she doesn't come back tomorrow. Had a meeting with my two associates and the general concensus is that MORAL IS LOW- the team is NOT happy- they thought that I was a major slacker last week. I was scheduled off 4 days- I had planned to be out for the weekend- we were closed on Wednesday- SO...the only day I really missed was Tuesday- my office day- how the fuck does this concern them?? AND!! I worked 6 days the week before that!! AND!! I do plenty of work stuff on my own time. Can't win with some people. OK- I vented- Now I am over it. I do my job- they don't have to like me.



Due to the entire night crew calling out sick- including myself- I have been guilted into working tonight.Why? Cuz' I'm the boss and won't that make a great example.... I called last night from the ER and told a certain supervisor that I'd be out the next 2 days and she didn't log my message. So- I am going in at 6 to work the customer service desk- which means I can drink tea and have a stool to sit on. Damn- I shouldn't have answered my phone today. I'm going to nap now to prepare for this BIG FUN.......



Oh Really...
I could live in the space between her heartbeats

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