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Feeling inspired by my PurchasesCollapse ) at the salvage store - I got up today and worked on several pieces. I also watched the B & W classic- Cobra- with Valentino- what a handsome man!! Went to lunch with T- we tried several Indian places- all closed on Sunday at 2:30... and finally went to Swing Thai. Then off to the antique mall- where I found another box and lots of old photos. We didn't even make it half way through the place- it is HUGE. I want to go back soon. Think I'll go out tonight.....


Worked last night- turned right back around and went to work this morning. Wheee
I got an e-mail from the manager at Chez Artiste theatre- I had forgot that I had talked to them about hanging my art there. Well- looks like I hang my stuff on the 2nd. D'oh!! I don't have anything framed and ready to hang- guess I'll bust my ass getting that done over the next few days. But- what a way to start the new year. I think I am going to try to show a lot more and get more exposure and really work this art thing. Speaking of....Anybody want to buy any prints?? I have special deals for friends!!!

I have also been talked into rolfing sessions every other week from one of the massage guys at work- he's giving me a great deal $20 for each one hour session. I am a bit nervous- rolfing is REALLY deep work. Has anyone ever had this done?? I have heard it can be very intense. Let me know if you know anything.

Went over to Tower Records after work- the store leadership group gave us all $25 gift cards and I had been wanting an Edith Piaf CD. After looking around- I finally found the only one they carried- in the deep discount bin. So I got that as well as an Ella CD and a magazine (Gothic Beauty- yup- I know it's cheesy....) Was going to go to the hardware store for a few things for work- but decided to just come home and finish watching my movies I rented- don't want any late fees...

I'll be out at WR tonight. See you if you're there.


Shook of yesterday's lethargy by running errands- post office, target, petsmart, comic store. Came home with the Gloomcookie Holiday special, 2 Strangers In Paradise, and the COMPLETE Box Office Poison. made a pot of coffee and read comics- played around on-line. Decided to dye my hair- I used half of the last box of my favorite and discontinued color- Purple Haze. Hair looks very good. elusis called about going out to Onyx and so we did. It was a damned fine night- music was pretty good, saw some people that I enjoy. Danced a bit- drank a bit. It was good to get elusis out. I had missed having her around. Ran into the twins from work- probably was a bit too nice to them- but hey- cute twin brothers?? Nudge,nudge- say no more!! (blush)


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