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I was able to help unload the kiln at the ceramics studio today. I had 10 peices and they came out ok.

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I'm trying to throw several times a week to get ready for the guild show/sale in June.


The salt kiln was unloaded on Tuesday. Thanks to donnateresa for boxing up my stuff! I had 17 items that were pulled from the fiery depths. I learned a lot about which glazes in the studio work well and which look like crap in the salt kiln. I have 8 pieces that I am pleased with. I need to sell/give away some of this stuff- so I can make more. I threw yesterday and I am planning on going in early tonight to get more stuff made. I need to decide what I want to work on the next 5 weeks- height is always something I am working on- bowls, vases, pitchers, plates.... Oh!! So many options...
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