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Entries by tag: observations


Driving home from work last night, I was behind a car that had one of those "Caution- car will be un-maned when the Rapture comes" or some such BS.
This made me think about the Rapture. I wonder what it would feel like- a warm, happy glow? All tingly like electricity? Pins and needles? Pain? The best orgasm you've ever had? Will you hear music? If so- what? Will there be a flash of light?
Last night, after a nice dinner with genniferholland, we were walking back to her place- through Seattle Center and there was this awesome cute raccoon. It was as intent upon watching us as we were on watching it. Raccoons are strange- I always want to call them him and they are cute and creepy at the same time. Must be those tiny little hands...
I think it's odd to see wild animals in the city. Here it's raccoons, in Denver there were the foxes. It makes me sad but also makes me smile.

Random Observation

Why do so many pretty woman- often stunning- put so many random holes in their faces? I've always thought that piercings should accentuate your beauty and respect your features.
Another crappy day at work yesterday- I really need to get things figured out- I can't go on hating my job- that's just silly- I DO like my job- I just need other people to get their shit together and figure out how good we have it and stop fucking things up!! Grrrrr.....
Came home and decided that I REALLY needed to vacuum. Did so. I hate vacuuming! I prefer to do dishes and dust. But...I live alone now and I get to do it all :)
I hung out here at home for the rest of the evening- went to bed early and slept like the dead. I got up at 6 this morning and took to the streets for a walk. I love the morning after a bit of rain-it smells lovely and is so crisp and pretty out; I like the fact that it is still overcast. I love the houses in my neighborhood. I want to own my own house so much. Guess I had better pay off all my medical bills and student loans....
I look at some of these big, old houses and I imagine what I would do if they were mine. *SIGH*
PLEASE RAIN!!!!! I see clouds gathering.....
I saw a fox the other night when I was getting home around 2 in the morning. It was sitting in the street looking at me- It wasn't scared at all. We made eye contact and it trotted off down the alley. It made me happy.


Often I remember things and wonder if they really happened. Are these my memories?? Or is it part of a book I read, a dream, some story that I heard?? Strange how the lines can shift and the edges blur....
Sometimes you just have to accept that there is a time and place for everything. I must be alone now for some good reason. Maybe this is a time of introspection and growth. I need to come to terms with that and stop trying to be social and stop putting myself in situations that I am uncomfortable with. Now is not the time.


My neighbor's cat is named Elvis. It is so funny to hear her outside calling for Elvis and whistling.

Side effect

Okay- one of the side effacts of Advair is making it's presence known in my life.
My voice has changed- it has dropped a bit lower and is very smokey and sort of sexy. If you call me- don't think I am talking dirty to you.....