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Entries by tag: life is good

Have I mentioned how much I love fresh fruit this time of year? Well- I do! Stone fruit makes me happy- bring on the peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, pluots and cherries! I stopped by Top Banana fruit/veggie stand and scored a bag of yummy fruity goodness for under $5! There is also something so sensual about eating fresh, juicy, ripe, luscious fruit.

So- I'm going to spend my Friday evening eating fruit and finishing out True Blood. Exciting as always.
Today is good. Went to the thrift stores this morning and was also able to hit 2 estate sales. Didn't find anything but a few books. Picked up an almond twist at Larsen's Bakery
Coffee with a_muse_d and home now with a big ol' bag full of comics from The Dreaming
Banana Bread in the oven.
Pot of coffee being consumed.
Working on art and getting ready for website redesign :)

I like this new work schedule!!
Monday- work
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- work
Thursday- off
Friday- work or off if it's an inventory week
Sat- work
Sunday- off- unless it's inventory

I wish it wasn't chilly today- I found 2 old houses that I want to explore and take pictures in.
Perhaps I still will go.
I could get there before my 2:30 appt for accupuncture.

This is the life!!!

Hanging out in the office, making signs with my shoes off, a Jamba in hand and the punk rock essentials channel blasting. I also get a BPAL order in today's mail!!! I really like 80% of what I ordered- but I have a few more for the swap/sell pile. I also get to work 4 hours tomorrow night in the cheese dept- which means more $$

Everything will work out and be alright!

Apr. 3rd, 2004

I am in love with this weather. Last night's rain was wonderful!! Today's chilly, grey weathr has me inspired to hang at home in my comfy pants, work on art projects, do laundry, drink coffee and maybe even bake something.

Although... I wouldn't say no to going out for lunch/coffee/drinks....


Yeah for rainy weather, coffee, The Cure and me being inspired to create!!! I am working on 4 of my sculpture boxes right now. It's a strange process, I start them- with the main item that works with the box itself- then I go through my boxes of STUFF- find things that work with the other item(s) in the box. Going through one of my stuff boxes, I found- all 4 of my wisdom teeth, 3 vials of my blood that was drawn over a year ago-still red and liquid!!, chessmen, marbles, acorns, spark plugs, itty bitty light bulbs and all sorts of things. If I die and somone had to go through my stuff- they'd wonder what the hell I was up to :)
It takes several weeks to a month to finish one of these things. I tend to work on them for a bit- then let them sit and "speak" to me. I need to get some images of the new ones I have done up on the website. It's hard to show them in pictures- they are much cooler IRL.

Mar. 18th, 2003

Snow!!! Lots of it!! I am so snug and warm here at home!! I do feel a bit guilty for not going in today...
I am going to make soup in a bit and possibly dye my hair. I sorted thru some crap last night and found all sorts of fun stuff!! I found my fuzzy grey hat- it is too cute!! I also found- bad poetry written in college, postcards from a friend that I no longer talk to, old christmas cards, wedding invites, my birth certificate and tons of over odd stuff.
I got a call from the monitor co-ordinator for the darkroom. They had a shift open up on Tuesday nights- I am going to take it- I had a regular shift for 2+ years and have been doing back-up for the last year and a half, it's time to take a regular shift again. It forces me to work on my stuff- I mean- heck- I have to be there for 4 hours a week- so why not have stuff to work on??
I also start pottery classes on the 27th- I haven't thrown in 3+ years and am very excited to start again. Nothing like getting all muddy!! Plus- I love using vases, bowls, mugs, etc- that I made. Gives one a sense of satisfaction. AND- I love giving them to my friends......
I look out my window and see the grey skies and mist hanging about the trees in the park. The hissing noise tells me that the heat has turned on- I love these old fashioned water radiators. I love days like today!! I'm going to make some tea- possibly bake some bread. The kitties are warm little piles of contentment. Today fits me. Today feels good.
Dyed my hair yesterday- I used the last of my favorite color (Herbal Essences Purple Haze) It turned out super good !! Very glossy and sleek- a dark purple at the roots- more black at the tips. Drank tea and puttered around the house- decided not to venture out for coffee last night- it had started to snow softly and I was warm and comfy. I watched Pandora's Box with Louise Brooks- 1928. Yup- another silent movie. This one had several things that caught me off guard- part of the plot had a lesbian overtone. Sex, violence, women smoking(!!!)- I am sure that in it's day this was a shocking bit of film making.
Had a lovely X-Mas. I made side dishes and no real meal. Heck- those are my favorite things anyways and I have nobody to impress. Slept in- had crumb-cake and coffee for breakfast. Watched movies, read, lazed about the house all day long. O stopped by with a gift- the Young Ones DVD- I have the videos but the DVD has extra stuff. I think I'll give the videos to my gothchild- Seaerra- she's 13 and may sorta get it...
T stopped over later in the evening and we watched 2 movies- Notorious CHO and Heavenly Creatures. I had never heard of the last one- it was very good- based on real life events and it makes me want to do some research.
I also shaved the head again yesterday- just up underneath. Amazing how fast the stuff grows!!!