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Nothing like listening to the man you have been crushing on for years tell you about the girl he has been crushing on for years....

Apr. 26th, 2003

Wow- Well...
elusis called last night and got my cranky ass out of the house. We went to dinner at the Italian Fisherman in Aurora after several false starts of where we were going. Social anxiety kicked in hard last night!! Took half a bottle of wine, calamari, and a lovely ceasar salad to get over it! We ended up going to Onyx- which I swore I was NOT going to do. AND....
I actually had fun- but the $46 dollar bar tab could have had something to do with that!!! I also was in a very "Who the fuck cares!!" mood. I danced and drank and was not really too social with anyone. Saw JW- he even stopped me to talk- I escaped when another friend came by- Whew!! With the mood I was in- god only knows what I might have ended up saying!! Snerk

Home by 1- didn't vomit :)- GO ME!!!
Slept until 10:30 this morning and am now doing the day after house cleaning. Not really hung over- just need food!! DS is on his way over and we're going to get supplies for a fabulous brunch!
I am so glad I traded shifts at work today!!

Weekend Update

Friday- went out. Was sad. Came home. Message from *. Didn't go to where he was or call back.
Saturday- woke up with a terrible headache- went to breakfast with D and O at Original Pancake House- coconut pancakes!! With bitter orange syrup- my favorite. Worked- went out after work with co-workers- drank too much- got home- mesage from E- walked over to party at Sid Pink's- drank more- stumbled home- BAD GIRL!!!!
Sunday- worked- went out- it was ok- I really need to resolve something with J- we either need to talk more and become friends/whatever- or something- he frustrates the hell out of me.......


Weekend update

I need to get better about doing this as stuff is happening. I guess that I am scared that I will say too much and tell all my secrets here. I have been known to give out too much of myself to early- but that's another story.
Friday- can't remember what I did during the day...Went out that night- the usual- Onyx. I go out alone- i talk to a few people- I go home alone. This is getting pathetic :). I would like to ask a certain someone to coffee/breakfast but I am terrified of rejection at this point. Maybe soon.....
Saturday- Went and saw Spirited Away. WOW- Please go see this movie!!! Came home and worked on my costume- this gothic/anime/geisha hybrid. It turned out ok. Went to Halloween party for GP- met a few people- talked to one's I knew- drank way too much- stayed way too late. I didn't get home until 3:30 Sunday morning.
Sunday- had to work at 7:30- so I didn't get a lot of sleep before work- 2 hours or so...Worked- came home slept.


Catching up

Ok- I had a busy weekend and didn't tell you'all about it. So here goes:
Friday- got a flat tire- only got paid for one week-all my hours from ALB were not on my check- was angry- Crispy came over to take me to get a tire- went to Boulder to get his buskers permit. Went out- I had a REALLY good time at the club. There are several people that I would love to get to know better- for friendship or whatever- too bad I have such a hard time talking to them.... The one is getting easier for me to interact with- I actually don't become an idiot when I speak to him (ok..not such an idiot)
Saturday- Went to Boulder to do the Open Studio thing with Randy. It was interesting to visit all these artist's studios. It made me want a space for myself. I noticed several things that day: 1- the artists all tended to be older. 2- they all had "stuff"- a randon assortment of odd items around their studios- sort of like my desk area- lots of stuff.
Randy took me to McGukins hardware store- WOW!! I need to go back when I have more time to look around!! i love hardware stores!!
We went to dinner at this Jamacian place- very good. Came home. Slept.
Sunday: Worked in the am. Went to the Chattfield Corn maze that afternoon with everyone. See elusis journal for more about that.....


Went out Friday night after not going out for over 3 weeks. It was fun again. I had a good time watching people and had that feeling that I used to have- sort of an anonymous presence- I mean sure people know me and said hello etc. BUT I wasn't there WITH anyone- I was able to come and go as I wanted and not feel like I had to talk to anybody. I also enjoyed the fact that there were several "interesting" people there- yup- you guessed it- men...there is the one that had moved away and just moved back. WOW- he is beautiful. he still scares me a lot...i may talk to him- someday. then of course there was the one that I have been intrigued by for years- I DID talk to him... he's an odd duck.

Well- enough of this silly girlie talk of boys. I'll post something important and 'real" later.....