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Entries by tag: health


The pain in my face/ear/jaw is horrible. I spent the night with either a cold washcloth or the heating pad on the right side of my head- trying to stop the pain. Finally broke down and took my last vicodin around 6 this morning and it worked for about 3 hours. I want to cry from this intense pain and I'm usually pretty tough. May have to go to InstaCare or whatever we have out here that can see me today.

All plans for today-canceled :(



I've been sick since Wednesday- fever, chills, aches, sore throat. I've been sleeping lots and taking OTC pills. I was hoping to be 100% better by this evening, but I won't be. Tonight I shall be at 75%. I'd be fine except for the severe pain in my sinuses- so bad it makes my teeth hurt. I will attempt to drink the pain away :)



Gah- time flies when your tired and ill.
Last week's sinus issue appeared to be going away but instead has moved to the achille's heel of my existence..my lungs. I spent the weekend working and sleeping, coughing and wheezing. This morning I broke out the Vick's Vaporub- yup..it's that bad.
I really glad I was able to get out and dancing at least a little on Thursday night. genniferholland , a_muse_d and I made it down to the first Thursday art walk at 619 Western. Very cool- a huge old building full of artist studios. It was really crowded and a bit overwhelming. Next month I think I'll go a bit earlier or later to see if that helps with the crowd issue. I also wish I could afford studio space *sigh*.


Sinus Issues

Back from Dr. Not sick as such...more an issue with my sinuses having gone crazy and a wee bit of fluid behind one eardrum- which is causing the dizzy- off balance stuff. Easy enough to fix- should be right as rain within 24 hours.


May. 20th, 2008

Back from this weekend's WY trip. Very mellow. Saw family and BFF and godchildren. Went to the art museum to see Searra's artwork- very impressed. Went to a cheese tasting at a tiny neighborhood grocery. WY was odd as usual.
Spent yesterday not keeping any fluids in my body- D made me go to the ER last night- spent 6+ hours in a hallway- didn't even get a room!! Got several IV bags- was very dehydrated. The ER was a big-'ol clusterfuck. Am home today trying to drink water and sleep. Acute Viral Gastroenteritis SUCKS.



I had to go to the Dr. last week for breathing stuff. I got the usual 5 days on prednisone- Wheeee!!
I also got her to let me go back to the old standard in asthma medication- Theophyline. I took it for years and was so much more stable. I think these drug companies and doctors are evil when it comes to pushing all the new wonder drugs...

We'll see how it goes.


Day Three....

Still at home. Sick. Tried to get to work today and just couldn't breathe- I was coughing and wheezing. I am all hurty and sad- being ill makes me cry at the slightest thing, I think it has something to do with not getting enough oxygen. I am on my third book, have slept for 10+ hours each day, have watched mindless tv. I need to clean the house, I need to be at work making money. I hope this passes soon.....
Thankfully- the boyfriend came over last night and went to get supplies- I was on my last roll of TP & wanted ginger ale and popsicles (the mixed box of rootbeer, banana and lime if you must know).


May. 8th, 2003

Asthma SUCKS!! No Asthma BLOWS!! NO- Wait it does neither, it doesn't move air either way!!
So...I didn't make it to the A23 show tonight. My lungs are being most uncooperative.There's a complex system of variables that have led to this attack, weather changing too fast, house cleaning, hormone levels,and who knows what else. So- I sit here- drinking Breathe Easy Tea and trying to deal with the lack of oxygen headache that I get when I have attacks. OH...what I wouldn't give for healthy lungs.....



I LOVE Biore Self- Heating Facial Mask!! It is so cool- Wheeee
Johnson and Johnson makes this Awesome baby bath stuff- it opens your sinuses. Menthol, Rosemary and Eucalyptus!!
I need to dye my hair- but what color?? Black/Purple like always , some sassy shade of red, Orange Copper???
I'd like a new tattoo- I need $$$$

On a serious note:
My ICH/Psuedo-Tumor Cerebri(the increased spinal fluid pressure) is getting worse. I have days where I can not even focus my left eye. Does this bother me?? A bit. What can be done?? Well...I can get spinal taps to remove fluid every so often. I can take diuretics that make my hands and feet tingle and I pee every 30 minutes and they don't help all that much, or I can just smile and say- "Oh Fucking Well". Maybe trepaning is the answer....
(Not asking for pity- just sharing....)
( Oh yeah- I STILL think it's a tumor- a massive growth- evolution gone MAD- I am growing another brain!!!)


Due to the entire night crew calling out sick- including myself- I have been guilted into working tonight.Why? Cuz' I'm the boss and won't that make a great example.... I called last night from the ER and told a certain supervisor that I'd be out the next 2 days and she didn't log my message. So- I am going in at 6 to work the customer service desk- which means I can drink tea and have a stool to sit on. Damn- I shouldn't have answered my phone today. I'm going to nap now to prepare for this BIG FUN.......