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Entries by tag: dancing and drinking

Feb. 29th, 2004

Made it out last night to the premier of "Disintegration". Nice turn out- got to see a lot of folks that I have not seen in some time. Dance floor is small- but nice and dark. Music was standard- nothing to write home about....OH- how I'd love to see a DJ break the mold every now and again- dig a bit deeper into our musical past and present.....SIGH
Got hot and smoky rather fast- ventilation is a GOOD thing!!! There WAS an airhockey table- JOY.
Crispy and I broke it somehow...GRRRRRR

Am at a lose as to what to do this morning- I usually work at 7:30 or 10:30 on Sundays...for some reason- I am going in at 3. Have been lazing about, drinking coffee and watching movies.
SHOULD be working on art stuff....

Speaking of ART STUFF-
I need to figure out what I want to do for the Dark Arts Fest this year. I was thinking of a theme- doorways or portals- I seem to take lots of photos of doors- I could then go get 3-4 old doors at the salvage yard and make a free-standing screen-like display. Or I was thinking of boxes that have sort of a medical/Victorian feel- I don't want to say "Steam Punk" but somewhat similiar....
If you request my presence at 6am....then you damn well better be here on time.... GRRRR- I could be sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, I was having a very odd dream this morning- too much like a SUV commercial- I was driving on this huge and beautiful mountain area- and there was some sort of swelling music and then it became the JUNGLE BOOK. Sort of a SOUND OF MUSIC meets the JUNGLE BOOK. Teehee.

Yesterday was LONG- I got an early call at home that they needed me at work earlier than expected- someone was out sick. So- I got here- worked short staffed and 9+ hours. Had a quick dinner with Elusis. Home, shower and club. Dance, dance, drink drink-Home to sleep.

Apr. 26th, 2003

Wow- Well...
elusis called last night and got my cranky ass out of the house. We went to dinner at the Italian Fisherman in Aurora after several false starts of where we were going. Social anxiety kicked in hard last night!! Took half a bottle of wine, calamari, and a lovely ceasar salad to get over it! We ended up going to Onyx- which I swore I was NOT going to do. AND....
I actually had fun- but the $46 dollar bar tab could have had something to do with that!!! I also was in a very "Who the fuck cares!!" mood. I danced and drank and was not really too social with anyone. Saw JW- he even stopped me to talk- I escaped when another friend came by- Whew!! With the mood I was in- god only knows what I might have ended up saying!! Snerk

Home by 1- didn't vomit :)- GO ME!!!
Slept until 10:30 this morning and am now doing the day after house cleaning. Not really hung over- just need food!! DS is on his way over and we're going to get supplies for a fabulous brunch!
I am so glad I traded shifts at work today!!
Shook of yesterday's lethargy by running errands- post office, target, petsmart, comic store. Came home with the Gloomcookie Holiday special, 2 Strangers In Paradise, and the COMPLETE Box Office Poison. made a pot of coffee and read comics- played around on-line. Decided to dye my hair- I used half of the last box of my favorite and discontinued color- Purple Haze. Hair looks very good. elusis called about going out to Onyx and so we did. It was a damned fine night- music was pretty good, saw some people that I enjoy. Danced a bit- drank a bit. It was good to get elusis out. I had missed having her around. Ran into the twins from work- probably was a bit too nice to them- but hey- cute twin brothers?? Nudge,nudge- say no more!! (blush)