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Oh Really...

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Got it! I am officially to cheese specialist and got a raise!!
It was the only time I've ever gone for a job and only had a one person interview "panel".
My TL already had the offer paperwork filled out :)
Yes- I like my cheesy job even if it will never allow me to be rich and live a life of leisure.
Oh Really...

Cheese Porn

Just when you think you've got your obsession* under control...

Cheese Porn

They even have a centerfold!!

* okay- I'm not really obsessed, I just really like my job and am damn good at it and like knowledge and all that stuff.
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Oh Really...

Last night at work...

I am amazed by how many people- men & women- will be receiving cheese and salami for V-Day. Nothing says "kiss me" like Cotswold breath...

Fun cheese story:
I custom cut a pound of super ripe Alsatian Munster and it was a smelly stinky mess, which never has bothered me too much before...but all of a sudden- the gag reflex starts kicking in and I turn to my co-workers and let them know things aren't going so well and bolt for the handsink. No, I didn't actualy vomit- it was a close call. It was so funny that we were in tears from laughing. Several brave customers wanted a sample of that smelly cheese :)