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Entries by tag: bizarre

IM Conversation

I get IMs from this person every now and then. I have no idea who they are- they change their name every time- but I can tell they are the same. Silly non-sequiter conversations.
Why do I talk to strangers??

ahat on a bed: He is Naut Humon.
Asphodel: Who is? Knot Eye
ahat on a bed: you remind me of the skunk from bambi
Asphodel: Flower
Asphodel: Le Fleur
ahat on a bed: fleur de lys
ahat on a bed: arch de triumph
Asphodel: Asphodel is a flower
Asphodel: Don't ya know
Asphodel: Fur Reel
ahat on a bed: fleur real?
Asphodel: Whee
Asphodel: Oui
ahat on a bed: vraiment
ahat on a bed: je porte malheur
Asphodel: I still wonder .....
Asphodel: Who R U
a hat on a bed: yo soy mala suerte
a hat on a bed: They're iche luge bullets.
Asphodel: Soy Milk
a hat on a bed: i killed heather graham.
Asphodel: She deserved it
a hat on a bed: all you gotta do is look at the labels on the little bottles.
Asphodel: Yes...But...Which bottles- thre are so many
a hat on a bed: red pill/blue pill?
Asphodel: PINK
Asphodel: Blue
a hat on a bed: one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
a hat on a bed: the pills mother gives you don't do anything at all.
Asphodel: One pill makes you blind
Asphodel: One will let you see it all
Asphodel: :D
Asphodel: Speaking of Mother...
Asphodel: She told me not to talk to strangers....
a hat on a bed: i was in labor for 36 hours--you made me so fat and ugly
Asphodel: And I don't listen
Asphodel: No!! You made ME fat and Ugly
Asphodel: Genetics
Asphodel: Jeane Poole
a hat on a bed: what did the doorman say?
Asphodel: What?
a hat on a bed: "feed your head"
Asphodel: Fat head
Asphodel: On a bed
a hat on a bed: put a straw under baby
a hat on a bed: well i must be leaving now.
a hat on a bed: enjoy yourself jeune fleur.
Asphodel: Farewell



Oh Really...
I could live in the space between her heartbeats

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